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A Guide To Buying Your Perfect Motorbike In Malta

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Having to take your car everywhere can quickly get tedious in Malta. Dealing with traffic or the ever-increasing lack of parking when you simply want to run a small errand or go on a short commute isn’t worth it sometimes, and it’s enough to drive anyone mad.

These days, more and more people in Malta are turning to motorbikes either as a back up to the car or even as a main form of transport.

And you know what? Getting a motorcycle is so easy!

Why bother buying a motorbike in the first place?

Definitely the first thing to get out of the way, it turns out traffic is just the tip of the iceberg when justifying getting a bike.

Being stuck in traffic every single day can be very stressful, and to make matters a dozen times worse, imagine spending half an hour looking for parking.

With a bike, you won’t just get there earlier. You’ll get there happier.

Pictured Above: You arriving on time to that meeting while everyone else is still engulfed in chaos

OK, I definitely need to get a bike.
But which kind should I choose?

Well, that really depends on your lifestyle.

If it’s your first bike, perhaps it’s wiser to go with a Vespa scooter or a beginner-friendly motorcycle such as a Piaggio MP3 where you’d have three wheels instead of two! These bikes are easy to ride, comfortable and have excellent power delivery.

Anything up to 200CC would be ideal if you don’t really have a need for speed.

If you have a need for speed and are looking for a rocket then look no further and check out the Aprilia RSV4 1100, however, this is only for the experienced racer or maybe Ewan McGregor’s personal favourite the Moto Guzzi Eldorado, truly a bike fit for a bad boy! Owning this motorcycle would definitely put a smile on your face, Gozo and Sicily just got a tad bit more interesting.

Remember; the bike’s power is very important and can end up going a long way in picking the right bike for you.

So what’s next?

Now comes the exciting part; going out and choosing your steed.

Head on down to a showroom to check out the bikes for yourself; much like house-hunting or choosing a pet, you’ll know the bike that’s meant for you when you see it.

If you don’t know where to begin, a great place to start is M. Demajo’s Valley Road showroom. Browsing through their extensive range of models on display will definitely help bring some clarity, and their sales team will give you the full scoop about potential suitable models for you.

And hey; if you’re not too sure when looking at the bike, why not take it for a spin? Schedule a test drive and take that two-wheel beauty for a spin!

Beyond what fits your budget, throw a leg over a lot of bikes to see what feels right.

Will I need to take any documents with me?

You only need a valid driving license for the category of motorbike you’ll be buying (which depends on the power).

You’ll then need to hand over an insurance policy to start the registration of the vehicle with Transport Malta. Registration only takes between two to three days, so you can be off quickly after picking out the perfect bike.

Picture above: You, when you finally find the bike

Oh, and don’t forget to pick a helmet!

Safety first. Choosing a helmet is very important and you need to make sure you get the right one for you.

A full-face helmet is a safe bet and a modular helmet is really versatile because you can either ride with half a face out or a full face. You can run small errands such as pop to the ATM or get fuel without having to take off the helmet.

Do make sure that the helmet fits perfectly though; when you shake your head, it should only move a tiny bit.

Wait, so that’s it?

Pretty much!

All you need to keep in mind is that you pick out a bike that fits both your personality and daily schedule, and you could be on your way to the beginning of a new, traffic-free life!

Screen Shot 2019 03 14 At 12 37 36

So what are you waiting for? Head over to M.Demajo’s showroom in Birkirkara and you’ll be one step closer to finding your perfect motorcycle!

Featured Image Original Photo by Terence Grech, featured on Vespa Club Malta

Screen Shot 2019 03 15 At 15 10 48

Last but not at all least…stay safe on the roads and drive responibly

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