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Ace Your ACCA: Get Prepped For Your Next Big Exam With This Qualification In Malta

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As the job market becomes more and more competitive, you need that one thing to set you apart from the rest – and if you’re thinking of kicking off a career in the financial sector, then that one thing has to be an ACCA qualification.

PwC’s Academy in Malta has year after year established itself as a forerunner in ACCA tuition and with very good reason.

But before we go into all that, here’s why you should really consider studying ACCA.

First and foremost, if you’d like to become an accountant locally, an ACCA qualification will open countless paths. But apart from the obvious career benefits, studying ACCA will award you with a wealth of knowledge in a variety of sectors.

From financial reporting and auditing to taxation and financial management, the ACCA qualification is relevant to practically each and every sector of accountancy and finance.

And if there’s one thing we’re absolutely sure of, it’s that employers love the ACCA qualification.


Employees that are adequately ACCA-trained are a cut above the rest, thanks to their strategic thinking, technical skills, and professionalism – perfect values to drive companies forward.

With more than 219,000 members and 527,000 students spread over 179 countries around the world, ACCA has rightfully earned a worldwide reputation for excellence. As a result of that, ACCA qualifications are recognised globally.

So whether you’re pursuing a career locally or overseas, ACCA will benefit you just the same.

Now that that’s sorted – here’s why PwC’s Academy is the perfect place to learn all about the ACCA qualification.

For starters, this excellent Academy is an ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner. That means that it has been awarded the highest possible level of approval available to learning providers who teach the ACCA qualification.

Being ‘platinum-certified’ also pays off for the academy’s students. For an academy to be awarded such certification, it must demonstrate student pass rates that exceed the global average for the majority of exams it teaches.

In short, there’s a better chance of acing your ACCA exams at the PwC’s Academy – but the benefits don’t end there!

Students who attend a platinum-approved learning partner are guaranteed high-quality ACCA tuition and extensive student support.

Apart from that, such learning partners have access to a wealth of developmental tools to help in the continuous improvement of their tuition and student performance. So rest assured that the PwC’s Academy has your back.

Now a learning institution is only as great as its tutors…

And the PwC’s Academy has some of the best tutors out there! All of the academy’s tutors are extremely experienced in their fields, so your learning experience there will be second to none.

Apart from that, the Academy tutors seek to prepare students for their exams in the best possible way. That’s why tutors start working out past paper questions from a super early point in the course.

Need some extra time to understand a tricky topic?

Worry not! Thanks to the PwC’s Academy’s open-door policy, tutors are available to discuss queries outside of class hours.

Despite COVID-19, PwC’s Academy has devised the perfect contingency plan for teaching.

PwC’s Academy is delivering classes live online. Lecture content is further supported using various interactive learning tools – so boredom will always be kept at bay!

PwC’s Academy is constantly looking at adding value and improving the student experience. As of this year, the Academy in Malta entered into a strategic partnership with First Intuition Learning Solutions.

Students will now have additional online learning resources available, which if followed, will help them structure their learning and be more successful in their studies. This partnership is yet another example of the ongoing student counseling support offered by PwC’s Academy to its students along their ACCA journey.

Apart from that, lectures are also recorded and made available to students on the PwC’s Academy’s very own learning management system. Neat.

Itching for the ACCA qualification? Then check out PwC’s Academy!

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