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All Day Brunch And Gourmet Pizzas: Here’s Why You Need To Check Out This New Mrieħel Eatery ASAP

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A new eatery has popped up over in Mrieħel and let’s just say that you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t stop by sometime soon. Apart from serving all day brunch from 7am, and having some super unique gourmet pizzas, they also have yummy chips which we thoroughly enjoyed.

And you know we love potatoes.

Pastrocchio is a new restaurant that specialises in freshly baked meals

Think bread, think pizza, think a whole load of pastries. The food is prepared fresh every day and the kitchen is visible to guests, so you can watch as they prepare your dishes.

They’ve got meaty dishes, veggie and vegan dishes, sweet dishes, healthy dishes… you name it; they’ve got it.  Lunch and dinner are served from 11am, and brunch is served all day from 7am to 6pm. It’s basically a day-long food-fest.

The brunch menu is an egg-lover’s delight

Scrambled on French toast, omlette-d with tomato confit, poached, fried… it’s all there. They’ve also got a selection of sweet and savoury breads and pancakes, as well as fruit and yogurt.

Then there’s all the Italian coffee and baked goodies you could possibly want. This works out great for breakfast or brunch, dessert, or just a quick snack,

The rest of the menu is pretty much bread heaven

In all forms – burgers, traditional piadina, club sandwiches, and a whole load of pizzas. Plus a healthy section, and a potatoes section. Because, as we said earlier, the potatoes are heavenly.

Pastrocchio also serve a variety of gourmet burgers with beef, chicken, fish, and vegan options. They’ve also got gourmet pizzas, and their pizza is made exclusively with natural yeast and 78% water – making the dough super light and fluffy.

Located in the heart of Mrieħel, Pastrocchio is the perfect stop for any meal

Or just a quick tea or coffee break. They’re open all day from Monday to Sunday, so the next time you’re in the mood for some freshly baked dough you know where to go.

Make sure you try the potatoes.

Check out Pastrocchio on Facebook and Instagram and get to work on planning your visit..

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