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Genie In A Pocket: Get All Of Your Needs Booked With This Nifty Maltese App

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We’ve all lived through some annoying household emergency that we couldn’t possibly fix ourselves. Think along the lines of having your freezer stop working on Christmas Eve, or your toilet getting clogged before having friends over – not cool.

In situations like these, anyone’s first instinct would be to get in touch with a knowledgeable service provider who can properly deal with the issue. Still, you’ve got no guarantee they’ll pick up the phone, let alone be available. That’s where Genie – a revolutionary Maltese app – comes in.


So, what’s the deal with Genie, you might wonder…

Well, this on-demand services booking app is here to make it easier than ever to get in touch with whatever service provider you might need. So from movers and cleaners to handymen and mechanics, Genie vows to find just the right person to attend to your needs – no matter how specific.

But Genie does way more than just putting you in touch with the service provider you might need.

This nifty platform automates a lot of processes – from scheduling bookings to contacting the provider, to even issuing payments!

Apart from that, Genie is also ready to adapt to your lifestyle, no matter how busy that may be. So whether you need a plumber ASAP or in a week’s time, that’s all doable on this revolutionary platform.

Got you wishing for your very own Genie?

Well, good news, because signing up for this service is as easy as one two three and is also FREE.

Simply head to genie.mt if you’re on your computer or download the Genie app from the App Store or Play Store and create your very own account. After that’s all done and dusted, you’re pretty much free to scroll through Genie’s huge range of service providers – neatly sorted by category.

These are all the different categories of services offered on Genie:

  • Handyman & home works
  • Cleaning
  • Movers
  • Wellbeing
  • IT, tech, and home security
  • Business
  • Family and pets
  • Events
  • Sports
  • Shopping and delivery
  • Health
  • Tuition and education
  • Automotive and boating

And so much more!

Not too sure about which service provider to go for?

Don’t you worry! Thanks to its very own review system, Genie has made it easier than ever to identify which service provider can best suit your needs. Apart from that, service providers are required to provide an estimate of how much they charge per hour, so you can get an idea of how much the service is going to cost you before you go ahead and book. Cool, right?

Speaking of payment – Genie vows to make the payment process as easy and secure as possible.

The app’s online payment system secures both customer and worker since the payment goes through but remains in the company’s gateway until works are complete.


Thinking of joining Genie as a service provider?

With absolutely no membership fees and low commission rates, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t try selling your services on this platform.

Now we could go on and on about the benefits Genie’s service providers are entitled to – but we couldn’t possibly fit it all in a single article. Having said that, there’s all the information you might need on Genie’s user-friendly website.

After going through all that, simply download the Genie app on your phone, and you’ll learn all about how you can kick off your career as a service provider in a matter of minutes.

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