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An Entirely New Pastizz Flavour Is About To Hit Malta In August… And You Will Decide What It Is

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We know, we know – irkotta and piżelli pastizzi are iconic, legendary, taste amazing, and should remain with us until infinity, and beyond.

But it is 2019 – and the guys over at Sphinx Pastizzeria believe – nay, know – that is is time for a whole new flavour to hit the island. And not just any flavour – but, specifically, a flavour of the summer.

Malta's Summer Pastizz of 2019: Part 1

If you could create a whole new flavour for pastizzi, what would it be? ???

Posted by Lovin Malta on Friday, July 26, 2019

The mad scientists over at Sphinx have come up with six entirely new pastizzi flavours – and they need your help to decide which one of the fillings will go into production all around the Maltese islands!

Sphinx created six new, amazing and slightly insane flavours

And here they are in their full glory!

1. The pina colada pastizz (alcohol-free)

2. The banoffee pastizz

3. The pistachio pastizz

4. The pink lamington pastizz

5. The Maltese sausage and sundried tomatoes pastizz

6. The tuna pastizz

We even headed out with Sphinx to the streets of Valletta to get some feedback on what y’all thought of the new flavours

Malta's Summer Pastizz of 2019: Part 2

We've taken six new kinds of Malta's iconic snack, pastizzi, onto the streets of Valletta and asked the public to vote on their favourites ???

Posted by Lovin Malta on Friday, August 2, 2019

The people have spoken… and we now have two final contestants going head-to-head

The pistachio and Maltese sausage flavours were the clear winners, so they’ve now been put to a public vote on Lovin Malta’s Facebook page for you to decide which flavour you’d like to see in stores.

Are you a smooth yet nutty pistachio type of person, or are you as Maltese as they come, with sundried tomato blood in your veins?

Vote now by clicking on this link and help choose Malta’s new pastizz!

And if you haven’t seen our documentary on Sphinx Pastizzeria’s story, check it out below

My Life Is Pastizzi: A Lovin Malta Documentary

'I was raised with flour'For hundreds of thousands of people, pastizzi are a staple comfort food. For two brothers and one artist, they're so much more.

Posted by Lovin Malta on Friday, April 5, 2019

Tag someone who will definitely have a favourite pastizz flavour! And let us know in the comments below which flavour you’d like to see go into production next summer

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