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Malta’s Just Got Its First Online Network For The Visual Arts

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Calling all artists, art professionals and art lovers! Thanks to this up-and-coming online professional network, connecting with the local visual arts community has never been easier.

What is ARTZ ID?

ARTZ ID is all about connecting the community, as it seeks to welcome individuals from each and every rank of the visual arts sphere. Whether you’re an emerging artist, an industry leader, or an established institution. ARTZ ID allows you to connect with fellow members, find opportunities, strengthen professional relationships, whilst simultaneously publicizing your own experience, works, skills and aspirations.

This platform describes itself as “the friend you reach out to when you need an introduction or an extra hand” – and we believe that perfectly encapsulates the essence of ARTZ ID. Through its establishment of a community in a single, highly accessible place, the platform is slowly yet surely making the local cultural sector far less segmented and way more sustainable on the long run.

Who’s behind the platform?

ARTZ ID was founded by Maria Galea – a creative entrepreneur who started off as a budding artist herself. Galea’s claim to fame was a start-up gallery by the name of MARIE GALLERY5 wherein she sought to support local artists by taking their work overseas. The founder’s exhibition toured around the globe – from New York and Miami, all the way to Dubai and India. Through a partnership with Iniala she then opened Iniala5, a cluster of galleries around the island, where up to ten art exhibitions were held every year.

Having experienced the trials and tribulations both as an artist and art professional in a country which isn’t the most artist-friendly, Maria Galea took it upon herself to facilitate this process of growth for the visual arts community and create a means of connection through an online space.

How can I become a part of the community?

Currently, the ARTZ ID community amasses over 110 members, ranging from veterans in the industry to art curators and appraisers. Better yet, it’s simple and free to join!

Simply head to artzid.com/register/ and choose which of the three account types you’d like to register as – these include ‘Art Explorer’, ‘Member’, and ‘An Institution’, so you can pretty much say there’s something for everyone. After that, the registration process is as easy as pie; simply put in your credentials and start building your profile and connecting with the community.

Set your profile apart from the rest by uploading your artwork and giving the audience some information about yourself. This makes your profile primed and ready for any potential collaborators.

ARTZ ID is a project supported by Arts Council Malta through The Creative Industries Platform and is designed and created in collaboration with Suska.co

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