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WATCH: From 30 Days Of Leave To A Gym, This Company In Malta Has The Coolest Benefits

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Lockdown might have been somewhat enjoyable for the first day or two – but a couple of weeks in, we were all dreaming of going back to work. Being locked up, away from our workmates, friends, and extended family truly brought to light how badly we need a sense of routine.

And if our daily routine involved us going to work at Avento’s Ta’ Xbiex office, we’d be on our knees, begging not to be locked up at home.

Now we could spend hours telling you why Avento’s office space is so great – but we’re pretty sure this video can do it justice better than any description.

Before we get into all the benefits that Avento offers – let’s talk about this up-and-coming company.

Avento’s a locally-based and every-growing online casino operator, and if there’s one thing this brand isn’t short of, it’s ambition. This company looks to become the number one online casino operator, all while putting its customers’ at the pinnacle of its priorities.

Throughout lockdown, all of Avento’s departments were committing their day-to-day tasks from home.


Employees’ health and wellbeing is another super important aspect of the company’s values, and there’s no way that was going to be compromised during the pandemic. So throughout those tough few months, all employees were given the opportunity to work from home, whilst of course, ensuring constant and consistent communication.

Once lockdown was a thing of the past however, Avento’s Ta’ Xbiex office welcomed employees back with open arms.

The Avento team took those few months of isolation as an opportunity to finish off its new these offices – and it’s safe to say that all that work was worth it.

Not only are these offices modern and spacious but they also come with a brand spanking new private gym. A number of different classes are offered at this same gym and, if you need, a personal trainer will be there to assist you on your athletic endeavours.

Obtaining a proper work-life balance has literally never been easier.

But the office’s benefits don’t end there – this venue comes with a large open-air terrace and a pool table.

All these benefits go to show how Avento holds its employees in an insanely high regard. At Avento, you’re never just a number.

All of these projects are reflective of the brand’s commendable set of values.

Innovation, Passion, Integrity, Performance and Diversity.

These are the five elements that make up Avento’s core values. Sounds great, right? Well, it gets better.

Avento makes sure to implement its core values into tangible company benefits which any employee can profit from.

Growth is key at the workplace – and Avento is no different. Whatever your role in the #AventoFamily might be, there’s ample room for you to grow. Apart from that, the company also offers 30 full days of annual leave to all of its employees, plus an extra day of birthday leave and 10 days of parental leave.

There’s no reason your workplace shouldn’t be your second home.

That’s why Avento strives to bring its employees together through a varied set of team events and activities. Of course, extra measures are being taken presently to ensure that all events that take place abide by the COVID-19 guidelines.


Sounds fun, right?

So what are you waiting for! Contact Avento now and you’ll be one step closer to living your dream job.

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