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Bringing The Heat: This Leading A/C Brand Officially Has The Best Customer Care In Malta 🔥

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If there’s one thing Malta is lacking, it’s great customer service. We often find ourselves let down when we receive a great product or service, but the care for the customer isn’t there.

The full buying experience is only truly complete when the customer is taken care of, from start to finish, and this local company has nailed that mantra on the head.

BT Commercial has been awarded the Best Customer Focus Company of the Year by the Malta Best-in-Business Awards, and for good reason.

The company invested €16 million into creating the best customer experience possible in the form of a new premise in Mrieħel that brought all its products under one roof.

Not only that, but the move also allowed BT Commercial to import more, in-demand products from across the world and ensure that enough stock is there to satisfy your demands.

Like that, you always know you’re going to get what you’re looking for – customer service at its finest.

That’s amazing news to hear from a company that keeps you cool, on an island where temperatures can rise to the 40s.

BT Commercial knows how to keep you comfortable during Malta’s sweltering summer and warm during those cold winters, but it’s motto “Life Worth Living” doesn’t just apply to those who shop with them, but those who work for them too.

The new premise provides a delightful and comfortable work environment for all 70 employees who continuously undergo training programs to bolster their hard and soft skills, from technical knowledge to teamwork.

Equipped with the right tools, BT Commercial’s staff are happy to help. And when you have happy and content employees, you’ll end up having happy customers too.

BT Commercial has mastered the art of meeting customer needs. The air conditioner, solar panel and alternative energy experts have been in the game for over 30 years and have made leaps and bounds ever since, but one thing has remained the same – and that is the customer comes first.

For Malta, that’s saying a lot, but for BT Commercial it has proven to be the key to their success.

“These days, many companies are more comfortable sending an automated email or doing no follow up at all. ” the company itself says.

“We at BT Commercial go the extra mile and do not abandon our customers by calling them randomly to check and confirm that they are pleased with the product and services chosen. Through these follow ups we benefit from our clients feedback and improve all the services given. Every month free services are given to random customers as a token for sparing a couple of minutes of their time,” they continued.

“Our main priority is the satisfaction of our esteemed customers.”

From retail to commercial air conditioners, the local company has excelled in the market space both as a result of the great products it provides and the great service which follows. And that isn’t just reflected in the prestigious award it has managed to claim.

Let the market speak for itself, and if you look now, you’ll see that BT Commercial is the big fish out there.

The family-run company is considered to be one of the leaders in the air conditioning industry and a major exporter for other sustainable products too, making it your go-to place for all your cooling and heating needs.


Photo credit: Dynamic Events

Photo credit: Dynamic Events

Let’s not forget about that top-notch customer service too which ensures a thorough and dedicated buying process to help you find your exact solution, whether it be commercial or retail, heating or cooling.

So, really it’s not hard to justify why BT Commercial won the award for Best Customer Focus Company of the Year. Whether you’re a business or a consumer in need of air conditioning solutions, you know where to go.

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