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Five Struggles Faced By Every Freelancer In Malta

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Being a freelancer can be a liberating experience compared to the shackles of employment. Being able to work in a self-employed role lets you set your own hours, control your workload, and offers you the independence to work on what you want.

But being a freelancer isn’t all fun and games, and comes with a set of shackles of it’s own. Freelancers out there, we feel you. Below is a list of headaches you may recognise, with some nifty tips and tools along the way to ease the pain.

1. You’ll need to become a master of time management.

From your school life to work life, the word ‘time management’ will eternally be brought up – for good reason too.

Being able to effectively manage your time is crucial for productivity and is even more important as a freelancer. If you cannot do so, you are quite literally losing out on opportunities due to a backlog.

You are also lagging behind in your work, which may affect your reputation with future clients, and you definitely do not want that.

Pro Tip: Use a planning method that suits you. Google Calendar is a great option, but don’t limit yourself to online planning if that doesn’t work for you.

2. You get to be your own boss.

Being completely in charge of your day sounds like an absolute dream. The hassle of scheduling your life around your work schedule is long gone when you’re the big boss man.

But, this can be quite lonely and difficult. Having no one to bounce ideas off of, or anyone to keep you in check might result in your work-life balance being shifted.

Plus, when it comes to your profitability, every second counts. Being your boss sounds like fun and games until you have to tell yourself to get back to work. 

Pro Tip: Set deadlines for yourself, and communicate these with clients. That way, you are held accountable for doing your work.

3. Unfortunately, regular clients aren’t always a thing.

Freelancing means you may not always have the luxury of a built-up brand to fall back on when it comes to attracting new jobs, clients and opportunities.

That means that sometimes, your expenses and taxes can become too much to bear; especially if you’re having a particularly slow month.

Usually, this means you’ve become stretched to the very brink, trying to crunch those hours to get the money you need or face making a loss for that month.

Pro Tip: Use these gaps in work to better yourself and/or your craft. Take note of when you have a decrease in work and plan with it in mind.

4. And keeping yourself motivated can be a real drag.

It is probably universally understood that procrastination can get the best of us sometimes. Unless you particularly adore working and planning, you will find this frustrating yet crucial part of adulthood mind-boggling and tedious.

You may have tasks that you need to complete straight away, but you can’t find the motivation to produce quality work.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind why you started this whole journey. Having a picture or memento of something which makes you happy is also a great way to help with motivation.

5. Keeping up with bookkeeping

Keeping your finances in order can be a real ordeal sometimes. From pricing your services to creating proper invoices, this is something that loads of individuals struggle with.

Arguably, this is also one of the main reasons why people are scared to take the leap into freelancing. This problem is the source of all freelancers headaches. 

Pro Tip: Stay on the lookout for some cool tips and tricks which will help you sort your finances out. Or, just keep reading this article…

Stop the Struggle

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