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Bratty or Boring: 9 Ways You Can Celebrate Your Birthday At Work In Malta

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Once a year we get a free pass to be as bratty and needy as we want for (at the very least) one whole day. That day, is our birthday. And the free pass usually extends to all areas of our life; at home, with friends and family, and at work.

In our opinion, there’s nothing better than being a brat at the office for a whole day.

Here are nine different ways you can celebrate your day of birth and brattiness in the office.

1. Bring in a cake

Nothing will buy you the love and attention you’re craving on your birthday like feeding your colleagues. And a slice of birthday cake is guaranteed satisfaction all around.

2. Have someone else bring you a cake

If you don’t want to bring in your own cake, start grooming your colleagues from beforehand and they’ll most likely sort it out for you. If they’re nice enough. “Uffffff I wish I could get cake imma I don’t have time how sad” usually does the trick.


3. Take the day off

Remind everyone in the office that it’s your birthday by not going in. And sending them photos of what you’re doing to celebrate.

4. Ignore it

If you’re not much of a birthday person, you could always ignore the fact that it’s your birthday and treat the day like any other day. But that’s boring, and if you choose that then we’re going to judge you.

5. Remind everyone, constantly

You know it’s my birthday today? Uwijjjaaa it’s my birthday I can take an extra break. It’s my birthday ta’! I can’t believe I’m at work on my birthday uffff. You want to get me a chocolate since it’s my birthday?

6. Bring in a cake-replacement

Cold cuts and dips in the office? Sounds like a party to us. Celebrating your birthday with food will always be the best choice, but that food doesn’t always have to be a cake. Time to get creative.

7. Organise an office lunch party

In celebration of your birthday, bring all your colleagues together (or just the ones you like) and treat yourselves to a special lunch. Order something special by delivery or spend some time together in the canteen.

8. If you’re the boss, take advantage of it

Bring in some champagne and let everyone finish a bit early to join in on the festivities.

9. If you work at a place like Avento, you don’t need to worry about anything

Because every employee is given the day off on their birthday (or the closest weekday if your birthday lands on the weekend) on top of their existing vacation leave. So you can party guilt-free, and send your colleagues all the annoying selfies you want.

And that’s just one of the benefits that Avento employees can enjoy

All employees are given 30 days vacation leave full pay, plus one day for their birthday as mentioned above, ten days parental leave and one day volunteer leave.

They’re also given a wellness bonus that can be used on gym and sports memberships or anything to benefit their mental and physical health, and they get fully comprehensive health insurance. Plus a professional development bonus to use on training and courses to help improve in their area.

Oh, and they’re even given a travel bonus to use on personal trips abroad.

Avento currently have multiple vacant roles that they’re looking to fill

You can read more about each role by clicking below, and if you think you have what it takes get in touch with them.

Executive Assistant

People Services Associate (HR)

Talent Acquisition Associate

KYC Verification Analyst

Risk & Fraud Analyst

Customer Service Ambassador (English Speaking)

Customer Service Ambassador (Swedish Speaking

VIP Liason Officer

Compliance Officer

Senior Legal Counsel

Marketing Manager

Risk & Fraud Manager

Tag a colleague who’s extra annoying on their birthday

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