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WATCH: Breakfast Is Back, But Which Maltese Cereal Personality Are You?

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and for good reason.

How you wake up and what you eat really does determine the person you are throughout the day, and if you haven’t given much thought to what cereal you’re filling your body with, this is your chance to get to know yourself better.

Forget retreats, forget horoscopes and forget life coaching, the best way to determine who you really are is via the medium of delicious cereal.

Over at Lovin Malta HQ, we’ve conducted a thorough investigation into Malta’s eclectic and diverse personalities and narrowed them down to five different types of cereal personalities we all love and (in one way or another) can relate to!

Before you read on, grab a bowl of cereal, take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself – which breakfast personality are you?

1. The Taste Enthusiast

If you’re a taste enthusiast, you wake up looking forward to that first meal of the day, hoping that whatever you decide to eat has an explosion of flavour and energy.

For the taste enthusiast, breakfast is everything and the tastier it is, the better your day will be.

And if this sounds like you, then you need to get your hands on a bowl of Kellogg’s EXTRA.

Kellogg’s EXTRA brings you an irresistible selection of truly delicious choices with its crispy oat clusters roasted to perfection. It’s definitely worth waking up for.

2. The Big Kid

The Big Kid is back! While he or she can grow taller and wilder, they always have those childish tendencies, and the only thing that will be able to calm them down and elevate them from a morning slump is a beautiful bowl of chocolatey cereal.

If you find yourself using words like ‘bro’ and are often passing sarcastic quips, then you perfectly fit this profile and you need a bowl of…

Yes, the absolute classic Coco Pops!

The delicious and crispy chocolate flavour makes every morning magical, both for the body and mind, thanks to its Vitamin D and mouthwatering chocolate taste.

3. The Sneaky Creeper

Who said cereal can only be eaten in the morning? Sometimes it makes a great lunch and dinner, or even a midday snack… or every snack you could possibly have in the day!

If you find yourself quietly munching on snacks throughout the day and can’t help yourself, then you’re a Sneaky Creeper and you know how to keep your taste buds satisfied!

Which is also why you find Krave so irresistible.  

And that’s because Krave is undeniably delicious, with its chocolaty centre pieces hitting the spot no matter what time of the day it is.

4. The Perfectionist

A perfectionist likes things to be in order and does not welcome change well. If you were here the last time, then you know what we’re talking about and your habits probably haven’t changed.

A perfectionist is a creature of habit and there’s no better habit cereal for the body than Kellogg’s Fruit’ n Fiber.

If being a perfectionist is your thing, then this cereal is perfect for you!

Made from wheat grain, Kellogg’s Fruit’n  Fibre increases your fibre intake and helps you feel good about yourself.

5. The Fitness Guru

After a long quarantine period, Malta’s fitness gurus are finally coming out of their caves again.

And every fitness guru knows to start off their day with a big bowl of cereal packed with protein and enough energy to keep them fuelled throughout the day.

For the fitness guru, protein is everything, and if you are measuring every macro then you need to start your day with Kellogg’s Special K.

Filled with three healthy grains (rice, wholewheat and barley), Special K has all the nutrients you need to kickstart your day the right way.

And when it tastes so good, why would you ever choose anything else?

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