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Build-Your-Own Concepts The Maltese Need

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1. Build-your-own Pastizzi

Sure, piżelli and rikotta are great options, but what if you could choose your own stuffing? Steak and ale pastizz? Yes. Bacon and egg pastizz. YES! The choices are endless.


2. Build-your-own Political Party

Talking politics is basically a national pastime, but despite most people adamantly sticking to one side, deep down we all know that no party is without its flaws. If only we had the ability to pick our favourite representatives from both (or all) sides of the fence, and found a unique, utopic party. 

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3. Build-your-own Route To Work

If talking politics is a national pastime, complaining about traffic is probably our national sport. While the ideal solution would be to remove all cars from the streets, a more comfortable solution could be building you own drive. 

You could choose which roads would be open or closed for construction, which one-ways could temporarily allow you passage, and what time heavy vehicles would be banned from the roads.

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4. Build-your-own Klikka

You’ll probably carry the secret to your grave, but there is always that one person of your group you’d all be better off without, but you’re too far gone now.

Even if you’re happy with all your besties, some events just don’t fit with that one person, and there’s no polite way to tell them not to come. With a build-your-own klikka, your social life would be so much smoother.

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5. Build-your-own Club Playlist

As the weekend approaches and the whole Whatsapp thread has finally settled on a location for Saturday night’s antics, your excitement to go out is suddenly marred by the prospect of standing around in a club whose music you absolutely hate.

With a build-your-own playlist that lets you choose your and your friends’ favourite songs, you’ll never be bored-bopping in a club again.


6. Build your own Neighbourhood 

If you’re surrounded by neighbours you love, this post is not for you (also, consider buying a ticket for the Super 5). For the rest of us who have that one neighbour up at 6:00am to shout at pigeons, or the seven children who run around till 1:00am (or worse, both), the idea of building your own neighbourhood sounds like a dream.

It doesn’t even need to be a Sims level of detailed planning, just a checklist of bad habits we can and cannot handle, with a ‘bad neighbour is to house proximity’ golden ratio.

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