Calling All Natural Born Leaders In Malta And Gozo: This Could be Your Next Big Career Step!

...and the pay rise you've always wanted

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Idea Education, a branch of Idea Group, is proudly launching their new MSc and Higher Diploma courses aimed at giving you the career boost you need.

If you want to further your education, take a look at these amazing MSc and Higher Diploma courses in Management, Hospitality Management and HR which will be offered in both Malta and Gozo. Here are some facts to get you up to speed.

1. Blended learning is the way to go

Old dogs can learn new tricks and these guys are proving it. 40% of the course will be carried out online while 60% will be conducted through tutoring promising a cool and effective approach when it comes to teaching.


2. The lecturers are pretty much master sorcerers

The teachers chosen for Idea Education have tonnes of practical experience in their fields. They’re professional and they will also give you their 100% to help you learn and understand like a pro. You’ll be like Merlin's apprentice, but better.

3. Size does matter

Their classes are small, which means that each student will be getting individual attention from the lecturers (and you'll also have way less distractions, of course).

4. Their approach is the way to go

Practice makes perfect and these guys believe that learning through practice is the best way to get you to the top. To ensure this, a good amount of the courses will be dedicated to hands-on learning through practical work.

5. A course which will help you bust down doors

Their Higher Diploma in Business Management will equip you with the perfect skillset for any role in organisation sectors. This course will teach you how to understand a company’s dynamics, how to carry out functions professionally and evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses.

6. Be the manager everybody likes

Idea is offering an MSc in Management course which will help you learn policies, business plans and kickass strategies like the back of your hand. It will help you strengthen your already existent skills and crank them up to a ten.

7. Maximise your skills

The MSc In Hospitality Management course will give you all the skills you need to ace any managerial jobs in the hospitality sector. If you’re aiming to work in this sector this course is totally for you. Not only that, but it also prepares you for a fulfilling career in wedding management, conference management and even transport management.

8. Build the career of your dreams

The Higher Diploma in HR Course will teach you all you need to become the best at your job. Management theories, behavioural effects and organisational developments are among the many things you will be learning in order to hone your talents.

The institute offers a variety of courses in both Malta and Gozo beginning in November 2018.

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Chiara Micallef