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Calling All Youth In Malta, Here Are Seven Signs You’ve Been Doing Nothing For Too Long!

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In this day and age, it can be too easy to get sucked into a lifestyle of being inactive – losing your motivation to work or study. This can have a slew of effects from mild to more serious.

If you’re not sure if you may have been doing nothing for way too long, here are a few of the symptoms that may develop as a result of inactivity.

1. Don’t get up before 10am.

To be quite fair, the ability to sleep in and enjoy your time relaxing in bed is a luxury. Everyone is always dying for the day when they can just sleep in and not have to worry about alarms going off at ungodly hours or being late for work.

However, if this becomes a pattern of waking up at this time – or later – for weeks, if not months, on end? Then it becomes a problem.

Whilst it is one thing if it is your days off or holidays, it is another thing if you are only sleeping in because you have nothing else to do.

2. Losing track of what day it is.

Whilst we all can have a bit of a blunder of blurring the days together whenever we have a holiday or even when we’ve yet to have the first coffee, it can be a more serious sign in some cases.

When you have spent weeks doing nothing, you get lost in a cycle of monotony. As such, you will end up having days that blur together to the point of mixing up your Mondays with your Fridays or even only knowing it is June by how hot your room is getting.

3. Calling your grandmother just to pass the time.

There is no denying that you love your grandmother, but let’s be real – sometimes calls with them can go on for ages. Yet, if you have started calling your grandmother for the sole reason of passing the time? Well, then you definitely should reflect on that fact.

If you’ve gone through all the content on your favourite games, gotten frustrated with Candy Crush and still waiting for your favourite TikTok star to upload a new video? You will start looking for things to do.

Sometimes this could be as mundane as folding socks or spontaneous spring cleaning until you find yourself calling your grandmother voluntarily for the first time in who knows how long.

4. Turned your house into a gamer’s den.

Throughout the pandemic especially, we have seen a number of hobbies sprout out of the lockdown era. But let’s face it, nothing really compares to a proper gaming session.

It’s easy to get lost in the digital world, as you make your way to the very top of the gaming charts.

Still, your room hasn’t seen air in close to two weeks and you’re developing ever-increasing bags under your eyes. The floor is sticky and you’re not entirely sure what day it is. It’s time to get moving.

5. Can’t remember your last homemade meal.

The exponential growth of delivery services has filled the market (and our bellies) with endless choices of delicious food options from sushi to burgers.

Though enjoying a takeaway is an amazing treat, who can really deny that a homecooked meal will always just have a certain quality that makes it better? Not to mention that home cooking is ingrained into our DNA as a Mediterranean society.

6. Staying up till 3am exploring the depths of Netflix’s content.

In a country where only really Netflix content is available (legally) to enjoy, it has been one of the greatest salvation from boredom.

However, if you are up at 3am scouring the very depths of Netflix’s content library after your third re-watch of Bridgerton and find yourself unable to find any proper series or movies to watch? Then probably you should cut down on your binging and maybe find something else to enjoy.

7. Countless hours spent watching TikToks.

Pretty much everyone has experienced the amusement that comes with watching all kinds of TikToks – from the most cringey to the most hilarious.

TikTok has given us a new form of entertainment, yet also a new way to waste our time not really doing anything at all. How many times have you found yourself scrolling through TikTok and suddenly look at the time to see that three hours have flown by?

If you have found yourself guilty of at least three of these? Then you count as being inactive for far too long.

Luckily, if you happen to be between the ages of 15 and 24, and not currently studying or working, Jobsplus’ Youth Guarantee scheme offers you the perfect opportunity to develop your IT skills and integrate into the job market.

Helping youths prepare to enter the job market or re-enter the education system, this scheme has become a central pillar in the fight against youth unemployment. What’s more not only is joining the scheme completely free, but you also get all the benefits of developing your digital skills whilst being paid in the process!

You can join the scheme under two options: either apply for a full, 7-module ECDL course, with mock tests and exams included free. In this case, even if you have already started any modules at school or privately, you can still apply to complete the course.

Alternatively, you can apply to follow the industry or intern at a job related to your IT course accredited at level 2.

Participants who complete a minimum of 80% of their training will receive an allowance of €243.

At this stage of life, a time where you may be uncertain of what career you want or are uncertain how best to get the job of your dreams, it is vital to keep yourself open to learning all sorts of skills.

For more information, or to apply, contact Jobsplus on Facebook, Instagram or via email at [email protected]

This project is part-financed by the European Social Fund, Investing in human capital to create more opportunities and promote the well-being of society.

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