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WIN: Calling Malta’s Chocoholics Here’s 11 Ways You Can Eat This All-Star Chocolate Spread

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Everyone’s favourite chocolate biscuit has been turned into a chocolate spread and TBH we’re pretty starry-eyed about it. Pan di Stelle spread is the perfect mix of smooth and crunchy that makes the perfect companion to a slice of bread and glass of milk.

And as tasty as a piece of Pan di Stelle covered toast is, that’s not the only way you can enjoy the spread.

Here are 11 different ways you can eat your Pan di Stelle spread for the ultimate satisfaction.

1. In a smoothie

Mix milk, honey, banana and a spoonful of Pan di Stelle spread in a blender to make a tasty yet healthy smoothie. You can even add some strawberry if you want it to be a bit sweeter.

2. Frozen choc-ices

A choc-ice is quite literally what it says on the tin; frozen chocolate. Simply scoop the Pan di Stelle spread onto a tray and chuck it in the freezer for about an hour. The end result will be an ice-cream/chocolate crossover that may or may not solve all your problems. But we’re definitely on the side of may.

3. Pan di Stelle pastizzi

We’ve seen pastizzi made with that other chocolate spread (you know the one), but can you imagine how tasty it would be if the inside was chocolate and crunchy? Heaven.

4. Make a tasty parfait

Layer some yoghurt, muesli and fruit in a glass and add a layer of Pan di Stelle spread to make it just a little bit indulgent. The perfect combination of tastes and textures in a desert that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating.

5. Chocolate covered popcorn

Or chocolate dipped-popcorn. The combo of sweet and salty is the perfect answer to all your cravings. And popcorn is kind of a healthy snack, so I guess it’s guilt free too.

6. Chocolate covered fruit

Ok, this one is definitely guilt free. Trick yourself into eating your five-a-day by drowning them in Pan di Stelle spread. The fruit cancels out the calories, promise.

7. In (or on) a cake

Chocolate cake is arguably the most indulgent of all desserts, and mixing that with our favourite chocolate spread makes it all the better. You can mix the spread into the batter and bake it for a different kind of chocolate cake.


8. Turn it into actual Pan di Stelle biscuits

You could also go super meta and use the Pan di Stelle spread in a batter to make your own Pan di Stelle biscuits. We can only assume they’d taste double Pan di Stelle-y? No. Stellar. Stellar is the word I was looking for.

9. Melt it in hot milk

Bring some milk to a boil or leave it in the microwave, and while it’s still hot, chuck in a spoonful of the spread and stir. The spread will melt to make the creamiest and chocolatiest cup of hot chocolate you’ll ever slosh over your tongue.


10. Spread it on some Fette Biscottate 

Treat yourself to the most Italian of breakfasts by pairing chocolate covered biscuits and a cup of tea or biscuits.

11. Just eat it out of the jar

Honestly, its so good you could just eat it straight out of the jar. Pan di Stelle realness all day, every day.

The Pan di Stelle chocolate spread is totally palm oil free

The cocoa is harvested responsibly and the crunchy cookie bits give it that extra kick that will have you going back for more. And more. It’s available in supermarkets all over Malta and Gozo.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a jar and get creative.

We’ve got three Pan di Stelle Goodie Bags to give away to three lucky Lovin readers!

Each bag contains a variety of Pan di Stelle snacks, including their iconic spread. All you need to do is tag a friend who loves Pan di Stelle Chocolate spread in the comment section over on Facebook to be in with the chance of winning.

How do you eat your Pan di Stelle spread? Tell us in the comments below

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