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7 Rookie Mistakes Everyone In Malta Has Made When Using A Washing Machine

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You might be a 25-year veteran in the laundry game or a university rookie who doesn’t know how to turn on a machine.

Either way, we’ll all mess up a wash at some point in our life and we can all remember the exact moment when it happened…

Nowadays, we have the likes of V. Demajo which provides some of the very best Candy Washing Machines out there, making it practically impossible to screw up a wash.

But on the off chance that you somehow do mess up, then you’ll probably mess up in one of these ways…

1. Mixing colours and whites

The biggest rookie mistake of them all. Everyone, I mean literally everyone, has mixed colours and whites by mistake, even if it is just a sock. By the time you realise, it’s too late and your white polo now looks like it went through a tie-dye class. 

Thankfully, Candy RapidO Machines have an exclusive function – Snap&Wash-  that will stop your shirts looking like a rainbow.

Just take a photo of your laundry with their app and it will tell you which cycle, temperature and spin speed is best for you.

2. Washing wools with 1,600 spins

Like taking a test, doing laundry requires research. You can’t just chuck in your clothes, crank the dial and expect them to come out squeaky clean. It’s more so the case with wools which can come out ten times smaller if not washed properly.

Candy Washing Machines have a wool option that does not allow you to increase the number of spins but allows you to decrease it – so you’ll never run the risk of shrinking them ever again.

3. A week’s worth of towels in one wash

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve left a pile of laundry in the corner for a week and woke up one day realising that we’ve run out of clean towels to shower with. Instead of being responsible people, we chuck them all in one wash and hope for the best, without realising that in actual fact you’re probably going to destroy your washing machine.

Yes, they have a max load so check before you decide to chuck six towels in there!

4. Leaving coins and hairpins in your pocket

This one drives people crazy and rightfully so. For something so small, coins and hairpins can cause absolute havoc for your washing machine. Not only do they cling and clatter as they get thrown around the barrel but there’s a good chance they damage it too.

For this one we recommend the obvious – remember to empty your pockets. In some cases these little things manage to get to the filter which you can clean but why risk it?

5. Not understanding the instruction labels on clothes

The art of washing your clothes starts with the clothes themselves. Treat every piece of garment as if it has its own personality and by that I mean check the damn labels before just shoving them in the barrel! 

Each label will tell you what settings your washing machine needs to be on and Candy Washing Machines can accommodate all of it.

6. Forgetting about a finished load and having to re-do it

At the end of the day, doing laundry is a chore and we all hate doing it. But when we do, we want to make sure we’re as effective and as efficient as possible and that means avoiding having to do another load because you forgot about the first one and left your clothes soaking in water for a few hours.

Candy RapidO has a quick load function which means your laundry will be in and out in no time. In addition to that, their app will tell you when your wash is ready which means there’s no chance you’ll forget about it.

And in addition to that (yes, they’re that amazing), Candy Washing Machines have a Refresh Touch option that will keep your clothes fresh until you remember about them – it’s literally impossible for them to go musty.

7. Bras getting stuck in the machine

Ladies know all about this, fellas take note! A bra wire is the bane of a washing machine’s life and can be the end of it too. In this case, it’s best to hand wash your bras and avoid the hassle of a broken machine!

BONUS: Quilts

It takes a pro to wash a quilt and we’re not all pros. Thankfully, Portughes Laundry & Dry Cleaning is offering a free professional quilt cleaning voucher to all its clients with the purchase of any Candy Washing Machine

And it couldn’t come at a better time when we’re all faced with the task of putting away our quilts for the summer. Portughes is offering the most convenient way to wash your quilts and all it involves is you buying a state-of-the-art Candy Washing Machine… practically killing two birds with one stone! 

Reading through this list, you can probably picture a time or two when you know this happened to you. Actually, you’ve probably messed up on one or more occasions and if you’re one of those people who were unlucky enough to ruin a brand new piece of clothing with a terrible wash… we feel for you.

Luckily, Candy Washing Machines are the closest thing we can get to a foolproof wash even if you haven’t broken your laundry virginity yet.

And with an app dedicated entirely to the machine, there’s no excuse for anyone living in 2020 to not head over to V. Demajo and get one.

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