#CareerGoals: Coffee Tasting

You know you're on the right track when they pay you to drink coffee

Coffee Beans

Malta's obsession with good coffee has been one of the key factors in retaining our 'Mediterranean Nation' membership card. Our love for coffee recently got one step more legit with the arrival of Hugo Castaneda, a world renowned expert on all things coffee. Here's why we're considering swapping careers to something a bit more caffeinated: 

1. You get to travel all over the world

Whether it's to discuss changing coffee trends, or to give an expert roasting masterclass, the life of a coffee taster is one that comes with its fair share of jet setting to all sorts of exotic locations.

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2. You get to drink good coffee all day

Nobody would dare serve you anything less than the very best. Even a bad cup of the good stuff is hardly a workplace hazard.

3. You get to insure your tongue

Nothing defines having made it in an industry quite as much as insuring a specific body part; in this case the appendage paramount to the tasting process: the tongue. Costa's Gennaro Pelliccia has had his insured for over €12,000,000.

4. You have the right to complain about your friends' bad taste

It might start off as a request to no longer serve you a tepid mug of instant coffee (also known by the scientific term 'dishwasher water'), but eventually, as their taste guru, you have an easy segue into dolling out life advice to friends.

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5. Your job title is a killer pun

The unofficial industry title for a person paid to taste coffee is a 'coffee cupper'. The cute and quirky title (which only requires a short period of preparation for the terrible follow-up jokes people will inevitably make), adds a new level of fun to 'being paid to drink coffee'. 

Hugo Castaneda

Hugo Castaneda, Costa Coffee's Laboratory Manager

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Chucky Bartolo

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