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Malta’s Robin Hoods! The Latest High-Tech Gadgets Are About To Get Way More Affordable

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Every single year, millions of people spend unspeakable amounts of money to get their hands on the latest tech devices. Not because they need them, but just because they want to upgrade their recently-bought devices to always be on the “cutting edge”.

But while not everyone can afford this wasteful habit, Malta’s new service is helping make the whole process cheaper and more sustainable.

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to get your hands on the latest devices around, then  Cash Buyers is where you need to be heading.

In a market supported by the average working class, the dynamic duo over at Cash Buyers is here for whoever would like to keep up with the ever-upgrading technology without breaking the bank.

The process is simple enough; if you want to upgrade your device or sell your current one for any reason, Cash Buyers will offer the best prices.

Take advantage of their Trade & Upgrade initiative.

Need to pay off some bills? Not quite happy with your current device? Feel like adding a different taste of tech to your life? Whatever the reason, Malta’s very own Robin Hoods (That’s right you’ve read it….ROBIN HOODS!) will give you a good sum for your device, CASH ON THE SPOT… and offer it to someone who can’t afford a brand new one at a cheaper price!

A veritable tech hub located in the heart of Birkirkara in Valley Road (Opposite Hefu Bar) and in the heart of Sliema on Bisazza Street (Opposite The Plaza), this needs to be your first stop if you’re looking to buy a new device, TRADE & UPGRADE or simply just sell your electronic devices for cash.

Keeping in mind the Covid crises and what we are going through as a nation, Cash Buyers have tailored their products and services to the world wide web. Cash Buyers has never been more popular online, check their website here

They even offer recycling services – all at their own expense, of course – for any old devices, to make sure we all leave a greener footprint behind us while still providing value for your money.

How do they do this ?

Well it’s simple…with the aid of Cash Buyers’ very own repair centre (which is located in their Birkirkara branch), they cater to all types of repairs to all types for electronic/technological devices, from your old Hi-Fi to your brand new Apple Mac. You name it… they’ll fix it.

Needed to fix your phone lately and somehow it’s still playing up? No problem. Get it re-fixed at this one stop gadget repair centre.

But at the heart of Cash Buyers’ service is their affordability: if they can go cheaper, they will go cheaper.

While the concept of pre-owned goods might deter some people, Cash Buyers has a team of engineers who test out the devices brought in to ensure that they have no issue whatsoever. In other words, you’re still getting a premium device… just without having to pay a premium price.

And this is what they offer – ‘Cash Buyers Care’ which is basically their way of easing client’s mind when buying pre-owned devices.

“Everyone deserves a high-end premium product, whether they’re loaded or part of the essential working class,” Cash Buyers proudly announce. “We just want people to know we’re here for them.” Jay the original Cash Buyer.

Trying to break the stigma of how we acquire, digest and dispose of technology in a time where everything is moving at breakneck speed, Cash Buyers will make sure everyone gets the devices they want, when they want them… and, most importantly, at the price they can afford them.

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Cash Buyers

At Cash Buyers we pride ourselves on being the first in our industry which actively promotes and contributes towards a greener Earth by way of selling both refurbished and pre-owned high end mobile and competing devices.

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