Celebrating Our Favourite Voices Moments Before We Say Goodbye

So much emotion packed into that 200-person singing machine!

Voices Cover

Voices has brought so much joy to the hearts of the Maltese. The organisers, musicians and singers have consistently entertained us, moved us, and helped us to give so much back to charitable causes. 

So it's with lead-heavy hearts that we wave farewell to this national institution next weekend at the VOICES CELEBRATION concert, which is being held in collaboration with the Vodafone Foundation. 

Before the final Voices moments are etched into our memories, here's a look at some of our favourites from the concert's long and wonderful history:

Dont Go

Our Golden Boy

Chris Martin eat your heart out. This cover of Viva La Vida by Gianluca Bezzina was pretty damn close to perfect. What a cutie!

A Voice From The Heavens

Louisa Wirth's version of Leonard Cohen's 1984 ballad Hallelujah is as sweet as they come. So much talent and feeling in Louisa's delivery. #moved

Killer Duet

Powerhouse singers Raquela Dalli Gonzi and Justin Galea sing an all time fave. Bonus: check out the pure happiness on Voices legend Martina Caruana's face (1:01) as she conducts the choir.

Bringing Arm Warmers Back

Carrie turned the heat up with her rendition of Black Velvet. Meaning she was probably sweaty-AF under those arm warmers...

Face Scrunching Par Excellence

Apart from excellently covering this all-time Eros favourite, James Perry takes face-scrunching to the next level. Also – ten points for those groovy trousers.

Vintage Emotion

Voices vet Tony Vella belts out a formidable rendition of Freddy Mercury's Barcelona, accompanied by local soprano Christina Zarb who does Montserrat Caballé's part fair justice. The support of the choir in the background really packs power into this version and leaves you quivering at the chin. Just look at that standing-O. 

Time To Say Goodbye

A fitting one to end on, and also an awesome performance by Max Dingli and Dorothy Bezzina. Yup, Gianluca's not the only Bezzina on the Block!

BONUS: Claudette gets high!

This archive gem has to be hands-down the best live performance ever brought to stage by the legendary Claudette Pace (known today as MP Claudette Buttigieg)! Those growls, those jeans, that hair, that ad-libbing. This woman is feeling the music in her bones and knows how to work the crowd. Who needs to actually get high with a performance like this?! 

VOICES – Thank you!

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