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The Champions! The World’s Biggest Football Tournaments Are Back And Malta Has A Lot To Cheer For

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The world of sports has finally returned to our screens and some of the most prestigious and renowned football bouts are set to take place this August.

Yes, we’re talking about the Champions and Europa League, and the excitement surrounding them couldn’t be more real. Ejjabet is taking these games to another level and why not join in on the fun?

August is going to be jam-packed with exhilarating football featuring some of Malta’s favourite teams including Juventus, Manchester United, PSG, Bayern Munich, Roma and Lyon to name a few…

..and with some of the biggest names in the world of sports going head-to-head, you’re bound to get some exhilarating matchups this August.

Unlike previous editions, both the Champions and Europa League will be played in a totally unique format, with players descending in one area to battle it out for the chance the be named champions.

The Champions League will be played exclusively in Portugal, where Messi and Ronaldo will go toe-to-toe on the frontline. Meanwhile, the Europa League will be played solely in Germany, where Lukaku and Pogba will battle it out on the pitch.

With players knee-deep in the knockout stage, there’s bound to be some big highlights, major controversies and heartbreaks.

And there is also the women’s Champions League taking place this month, with plenty of matches for you to tune into to get your football mix.

What we’re trying to say is – the hype for top-tier football is real. And whether your team is in the run or not, you can’t help but show your support for someone out there…

Especially when it comes to clubs like Atalanta FC, who will be scrapping for a win with the big dogs of the footballing world. 

There’s no better way to get involved in the game than to put your money where your mouth is and commit to a team whether you support them or not!

If you’re a football superfan you probably know who’s going to win a match before it happens…or at least you think you do.

Either way, Ejjabet has you covered for all your footballing needs over the next month and beyond with a library of bets at your fingertips.

Moreover, they’re also launching a new sports blog that will bring you all the latest insights, tips and tidbits about the football world.

With so much happening over the next month, there’s no better way to stay up to date than checking in on Ejjabet’s blog, which is coming soon – so stay tuned.

“We are excited to have the best of football being played in a one of a kind format,” an Ejjabet spokesperson said. “We’re looking forward to sitting down in front of the TV with crisps and cold drink in hand!” 

Football has been away for so long, but boy are we glad that it’s back… and there couldn’t be a better lineup of matches ahead of us.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a diehard fan or not because just having football back is a godsend and we can’t wait to see these superstars go at it again.

So make sure to mark your calendar, stock up on nachos and chips and get your favourite beverage on hand – football season is here!

Who would you bet on winning this champions league?

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