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Christmas With A Conscience: 9 Ethical And Sustainable Brands You Can Buy From Swieqi Right Now

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Christmas shopping. Now there’s an activity that should not require much help to make it a great experience. Unless, that is, you actually hit the trifecta of fun shopping and finding a gift that is on point and fully ethical.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t. This Christmas, you can actually give a gift that matters.

Allow us to introduce you to Coach & I.

Since June, this Swieqi boutique has been offering a gorgeous selection of ethical and sustainable brands aimed at those who follow an active lifestyle.

We checked it out, and what we found was a collection of brands that empower us to make a conscious choice and to be responsible with the brands and products we choose.

So, if you’re aiming for a Christmas gift that goes that extra mile and will give you and the recipient a fuzzy feeling of do-gooding, this is the answer to your prayers.

Oh yeah, it also has an online store. Convenience and sustainability – our prayers have really been answered.

These are our 9 top choices from Coach & I if you’re looking for ethical gifts this Christmas.

1. Perff Studio

Designed in London and crafted in the heart of Portugal, the cool factor is high with this one. We’re not quite sure whether Perff is classified as activewear or fashionwear, but we’re going to go ahead and wear it anyway because of how darn awesome it all is.

A stylish label that anyone who follows an active, urban lifestyle will love, this will make the perfect gift for that friend whose life is equally divided between a passion for working out and for cocktails.

2. EKN Footwear

Well, hello snazzy sneakers. We all know that one person who casually rocks sneakers whether with jeans or a glam LBD.

Be the one to introduce them to this collection that has been crafted under the most ethical of conditions. No horror stories featuring slave labour or environmental disasters here.

Instead, EKN sneakers are made by experienced Portuguese tanners and shoemakers who craft the shoes from ecologically friendly materials under fair conditions.

To keep to these high standards, EKN sneakers are produced in limited quantities so as to guarantee a minimal ecological footprint. Which also means that you get to bask in the knowledge of giving an awesome gift while being nice to the planet.

3. Dharmabums Activewear

Dripping Aussie cool, Dharma Bums will help your yoga-loving buddy achieve zen pretty damn fast. Well, maybe not zen – but comfort and style in an ethical fashion, for sure.

Beautifully-crafted, this line of yoga and active wear is lovingly designed by Debbie, a fashion designer turned yogi, so we know that what we’re getting here is the real deal.

Wholesome values and style don’t always align, but in this case they’ve been turned into an art form.

4.  WXY Candles

Nothing spells Christmas vibes better than some atmospheric candlelight. You’d have to be a total Scrooge not to love candles at Christmas, right?

WXY Candles provide all the evocative aura you could wish for, with none of the animal cruelty and using a super green approach. And, while the collection is undoubtedly and gorgeously luxurious, this brand is definitely not about the wild consumerism that sometimes characterises such products.

Made using minimal packaging, plant-based and with recyclable materials, this collection brings all of the decadence and zero guilt.

5.  Matt & Nat

Leather goods that have not caused any animal to suffer? Sign us up. This vegan leather collection from Matt & Nat has it all, in drop dead cool designs that are completely ethical.

Give the gift of no cruelty to your leather-loving bestie this Christmas. Handy backpacks, fashion accessories, gorgeous bags… the entire range is made from recycled materials such as nylon, corks and rubber, so that it’s also entirely sustainable.

Brownie points to the gift giver are guaranteed.

6. The Konjac Sponge Company

Here’s another luxury item we couldn’t live without and that’s had us in a moral quandary for quite a bit. I mean, some serious bathtime TLC with all the right products – such as a soft, sensual sponge – is a must, given the ridiculously fast lives we all lead.

The Konjac Sponge Company kills all our guilt feelings with a luscious range of ethically-produced sponges that are made from pure Konjac fibre and nourishing, mineral-rich extracts.

This is the ultimate thoughtful gift for your vegan friend who totally misses a good, decadent bathtime sesh. Konjac sponges give the whole deep cleanse, exfoliation and relaxing experience. In fact, we won’t blame you if you forget all about your friend and you keep it for yourself.

7. Edible Beauty

When skincare is good enough to eat, you know you’re on to a rather awesome thing. Edible Beauty know what we love and have created a unique collection of plant-based products that are made using only top-quality ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Vegan, planet and animal friendly, these products come in recyclable packaging so you can totally bask in this eco-friendly knowledge while putting together a gift basket for your loved ones.

The range includes moisturisers, exfoliators, lip balms, masks, eye-creams and myriad other products, so you can literally find that perfect gift for anyone.

8.  Hynt Beauty

Glam cosmetics and skincare for the flawless friend in our lives, the one who always looks as though they’ve stepped out of a fashion catalogue.

But Hynt Beauty is not only beautiful in looks – it’s also gorgeous in ethos, made from ingredients that you can trust are not only of the highest standard but that also uphold the highest environmental and ethical practices.

Beautiful inside, beautiful outside is a real thing with this line of natural, mineral-based makeup. Expect looks so naturally beautiful that you will no longer scoff at that elusive inner glow.

9. Absolutely Bear

Male fashion – a phrase that is fraught with pitfalls, especially if you’re trying your damndest to impress with the perfect gift.

Allow us to introduce you to Absolutely Bear. Simple, stylish, sustainable and created with the fussy, urban man in mind.

So, if your man believes in keeping to the absolute bare necessities, it doesn’t mean that shopping for his Christmas gift has to be an absolute nightmare.

No matter which item from the collection you pick, you’ll score points for the amazing comfort and sheer beauty of these outfits. Add the sustainable aspect, where every element of each product is picked for minimal impact on the environment and its inhabitants, and you really can’t score any higher.

TAG a friend who wants to save the planet and who would love to get all their Christmas shopping done at Coach & I!

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This is an article from a collaboration between Lovin Malta and Ramona Depares. She’s a writer who enjoys breaking down the walls of the patriarchy with a keyboard and a smile. And the occasional glass of wine. Check out her arts & lifestyle blog on www.ramonadepares.com.

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