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From Jewellery To Home Decor: This Maltese Store Has Stunning Gifts And So Much More

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It seems like so long ago now that everything was closed or cancelled. Thankfully, retail stores have now opened their physical doors again and events and intimate occasions are back on the agenda.

In other words, 2020 is no longer cancelled, and with your social calendar filling up once again, it’s good to know that you can get beautiful gifts for those you care about the most (including yourself) all from one place.

Enter Clément Jewellers

Little feels as luxurious as bespoke jewellery or a well-thought-out present. Located just off the Birkirkara bypass, they’ve got everything from custom necklaces, rings and earrings to crystalline, corporate gifts and even something to bring to that baby shower which you’ve left until the last minute to buy a gift.

Here are some ideas for a handful of gift-buying occasions and the excuse to drop by:

Your one-stop place for weddings

It’s official: Weddings are back on. Whether you’re rejoicing or panicking because you still haven’t found a great gift or the perfect matching rings for that previously cancelled affair, fret not, because Clément Jewellers are the experts you need for some unique bling. Of course, if you’re planning to pop the question or getting ready to say ‘I do’, let them know in advance and they can design a customised pair of rings for you and your lover.

Bespoke jewellery to mark a special moment

From cultured pearls to gold-encrusted necklaces to silver, Clément Jewellers’ range of luxury accessories has got something for even the pickiest of fashionistas.

Baby gifts

Baby showers are also back on! Why not invest in something that would last longer than a baby grow? These unique gifts will surely impress those new parents and let that child grow up and keep those memories for a life time. Cute.

The perfect purchase for corporate parties

Love them or hate them, we’re all expected to attend a corporate birthday or party sometime. If you think jewellery isn’t their thing, how about splurging on a watch? Too much? Maybe opt for a quality pen or pair of cufflinks instead.

Loads of frames for those closest to you

Pictures capture our fondest memories. Pictures in beautiful frames remind you of good times with whoever you decide to place in them. Why not browse Clément’s selection of frames? Just choose your favourite picture of yourself and that special someone, pick a frame and done: a considerate gift, sorted.

Something to spice up your home

From lampshades to silverware, we’ve been spending so much time at home, it may be time to shake up the walls with some new pieces. What about a new lampshade to nod to a change?

There you have it; whether it’s unique wearable pieces or a new pop of colour in the home, to corporate, baby gifts and truly any occasion, you’re sure to find that special something at Clément Jewellers. 

And if you want all the latest news, they are launching a new website this month and you can sign up to be notified with a newsletter once live!

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