Come Play With Our Balls At Fresher's Week

And make sure you put them in the right holes.

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It's back – that week where a frenzied sack of emotion explodes within a few square metres endearingly known as the quad. You're flustered, it's humid, you have no idea where the Humanities building is, you're confused, and before you know it you've hit a wall.

No, for real. There's a five-metre high wall in the middle of the quad and it might just save you from all your first-week-anxieties.

Vodafone Activation Wall

Vodafone is back at Fresher's week and they've brought their own version of the Great Wall. 

The giant fun-structure is punctured with six holes, each of which represent a collection of points. Students are invited to grab their balls (lol) and try to throw them into the holes holding the highest set of points. They get 6 balls to try to score with. If a player is able to reach 200 points, they win a GoPro! 

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Even if you don't have the balls to win the grand prize, you'll get another gift that is sure to sweeten the Freshers Week experience.

So how do you get your hands on Vodafone's balls? Sign up to their mobile Student Plan, which is called YU (more info about the plan at the end of this article). If you're an existing YU customer, you'll automatically get a purple token. Purple token means 6 balls.

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Students who refer a friend to join YU will get a red token they can redeem for 7 balls. They'll also get to play for a second time. In fact for each friend they persuade to migrate to or join YU, they will receive 7 balls.

Might need a little ball-sack for that.

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