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Curly Fries For All! The King Is Feeling Generous With This Wolt Delivery

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What’s better than a good old, comforting, burger? Curly fries to go with it, that are completely free.

Indeed, the King of flame-grilled burgers is treating Wolt users to something very special at the moment. With every order you make at Burger King, they’ll pop in a portion of mouthwatering curly fries at no extra cost.

That’s right, you get some curly fries on the house anytime you treat yourself with some BK. It’s been a tough two years for everyone, so we all deserve to get spoilt like this.

When, might you ask, is the ideal time for curly fries?

1. After a late (and safe!) night out with your favorite friends

Now that bars can remain open until 2am, socializing is officially back on the table. No night out on the town is complete without a large  order of Burger King, and now it’s the perfect opportunity to snag some extra fancy fries. Plus, they’ll taste even better knowing you didn’t need to pay for them.

2. A post-exam feast

This one is for the O-Level, A-Level and university students across the islands. Summer is officially here, and you’ve worked so hard despite the tolling conditions. Invite your classmates round for a relaxing night in, courtesy of Burger King and their on-the-house fries. *chef’s kiss*

3. A cheeky weekend lunch with the fam

It’s always important to book some quality time with the fam. Why not skip the home cooking this weekend and have it all done for you at the touch of a screen thanks to Wolt? Did I mention you get free fries?

There’s no argument here – anytime is a good time for curly fries.

If the last two years have taught us anything – it’s to not take life too seriously and enjoy the finer things in life: family, food, friends, and a whole lot of fun. Let Burger King via Wolt help you celebrate it.

Tag someone that needs free curly fries!

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Sam is an over-caffeinated artist fighting for a cooler and freer world, one article, song or impromptu protest at a time. Hit her up with thought-provoking ideas or dreams at [email protected] or @princess.wonderful on Instagram.
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