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This Card Will Make Every Person In Malta Want To Throw Out Their Wallet 

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could use one single payment card to access funds in your different bank accounts? To not have to keep track of multiple accounts, transfer money back and forth between them, and remember all their different pin numbers? 

You’ll be happy to know that Curve is about to make this a reality. 

The Curve card is a new payment card that aggregates multiple credit and debit cards through its mobile app, allowing users to access funds from each account using one single card. 

You can literally leave your wallet at home and just use your Curve card. 

Besides the incredible convenience of having all of your funds at your fingertips, the Curve app is also the perfect bookkeeping solution, allowing you to have an oversight of all your money through just one app.

You’ll even get 1% cashback on all card spend for the next 30 days (T&Cs apply), not to mention a €10 bonus just for signing up

In recent years, the Maltese public has warmed up to online banking systems, with this latest offering from Curve taking the convenience of online payments to the next level. 

Through the mobile app, users can switch from one bank card to the next before each transaction, each of which is processed through the MasterCard network.    

There are three tiers of Curve Card: Curve Blue, Curve Black and Curve Metal.


While Curve Blue is free to obtain and use, Curve Black and Metal users will need to pay a monthly payment in order to access a host of exclusive benefits.

With Curve Metal, for example, besides being able to enjoy the card’s superior look and feel, you can also enjoy unlimited fee-free spending when you’re abroad as well as benefit from 1% cashback on sales from a host of global brands.

You will also be able to benefit from gadget insurance, worldwide overseas travel insurance and collision damage waiver insurance for car hire.

Curve Metal users can also gain access to over 1,000 LoungeKey airport lounges worldwide at up to 60% discount.

So what are the Curve card’s main features?

1. All your cards in one 

The card’s main feature is that it allows you to combine all your cards into a single one – and a smart app.

Will this mean I can no longer access my bank’s benefits, I hear you say? No, it doesn’t. Not only will you keep your bank’s benefits, but you’ll also be able to access other benefits from Curve.

Curve is the only card you need to carry and the only pin you need to remember. In fact, if you add Curve to your phone’s wallet, you essentially never need to carry a bank card with you again.

2. Balances

Life’s too short to have to stay switching from app to app to check all your accounts.

With the Curve app you can see all your accounts under one tab, allowing you to have a 360°C of your balances all in one place.

You can also see what you’re spending your money on with Curve insights. You can set it to give you instant notifications, get categorised breakdowns of your total spend, see all of your balances and track old transactions across your accounts.

It’s great for keeping yourself updated, terrible when you realise just how much money you spend on coffee!

3. Anti-Embarrassment Mode

One of the new features recently introduced by Curve is its anti-embarrassment mode.

It’s happened to all of us, you’re paying at a shop or restaurant and your card is declined for one reason or another. You try again, but it still doesn’t work and you have to walk over to your friends and ask them to lend you some money.

Or worse still, if you’re alone, you need to try and find a way of getting the establishment’s owner to allow you to go get some money in order to pay them.

Curve allows users to set backup cards which will be used to pay should there be a problem with the card you have selected.

4. Cashback

Not only will Curve make your shopping experience a lot more pleasant, but it also allows you to earn money when you spend money.

Using your Curve card to purchase items from over 100 retailers will automatically get you 1% instant cashback. Brands include Apple, ASOS, Amazon, LIDL, and many more.

If you already get some from of cashback deal when you use one of your existing cards, don’t worry, you’ll get to keep that and also get your 1% Curve cashback.

5. Go Back In Time

Perhaps one of Curve’s most interesting features is the Go Back In Time feature lets you switch payments from a debit to a credit card, up to three months after the payment was made.

This will help you spread the cost and earn those juicy credit rewards.

Besides being very handy when it comes to correcting accidental payments, this feature will also allow you to move past payments from debit to credit cards to improve your immediate cash flow.

6. Access to fair FX rates

All cards will give you the possibility of making free ATM withdrawals when abroad, though there are limits, depending on which type of card you choose.

You are also guaranteed greater security against loss, as well as cashback from the likes of Easyjet and Booking.com – you definitely need to add Curve to your travel checklist.

Curve’s foreign exchange rate typically offers a lower markup than the big banks and because every card added to Curve adopts its rate.

You’ll never need to worry about getting screwed over by a bank or currency exchange kiosk again.

Could this mean the end of bulky wallets ruining your skinny-jean look, pin number mix-ups and awkward moments when picking up the bill? One thing’s for sure, this little card has a lot to offer.

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