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WIN: Get Your Hands On A Year’s Supply Of Danone Actimel To Boost Your Immune System In Malta

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Now more than ever, the world understands that health is the ultimate wealth. It’s no news that medical experts recommend we start the day with a balanced breakfast to get us kicking, and what sounds better than a little delicious, nutrient-packed shot of daily goodness?

If you didn’t realise already, I’m talking about Actimel.

Yes, those little white bottles from your childhood – the only way your mother could persuade you to take in those precious vitamins and probiotics to keep you fit and fighting in the real world of school and play. Maybe you were surrounded by elders who took their swigs of Actimel too, and took the habit to adulthood yourself (and if so, good for you).

But if not, read on to see why including these shots in your daily diet could be the tasty way to keep sickness at bay and know all your family is getting the immunity boast we all need.

Plus, you could be in with a chance to win a year’s supply of Actimel so your immune system will be on-point 365 days of the year. Awesome!

Here’s some great reasons to include an Actimel in your daily diet.

1. They’ve got a full-range of nutrient-packed, delicious shots

Actimel has expanded its range into four different kinds of immunity deliciousness, including the fruit range, the children’s range, the OG (original) range and even a super-fruit.

The choice is impressive, so be sure to change it up once in a while to keep things fresh and interesting!

2. It’s got billions and billions of probiotics

Each bottle of Actimel is chock full of super probiotics that were fermented exclusively by mother company Danone Research. In fact, every bottle contains 20 billion probiotics called L. Casei Danone, so they all provide a fantastic way to boost your digestive system and keep that doctor at bay. Nice!

3. And none of that added junk

You’ll be happy to know that besides being packed with probiotics, each shot carries fewer than 50 calories.

Plus, you can rest assured that they’ve got no added fat while some even have all of your five a day! Actimels are also made of fermented milk full of cultures and Vitamin D and B6, which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

If you’re looking for a super-boost, I recommend trying their mango, goji berry and turmeric shot – loaded with antioxidants and super yummy.

4. And it’s perfect for kids too

If Actimel’s fresh new look doth butter no parsnips for your kids, their character-themed Actimel Play can help do the trick.

These babies help children explore their creativity. This small bottle is suitable as a snack, as it can be packed easily and can stay unrefrigerated for up to four hours. And after enjoying all the health benefits of Actimel, children can play with the packaging and collect all their favourite characters – as the bottles are ‘dressed’ by the characters of Frozen 2 and Spiderman.

Posted by Quintano Foods Ltd. on Wednesday, 11 March 2020

WIN: But now for a reward for making it this far in the article: two lucky winners get to bag a year supply of Actimel goodness. Just tag a friend in the comment section below and say why you think you deserve this prize!

Adult or child, everyone benefits. In fact, in Europe, some 7.2 million bottles are enjoyed every day by people in more than 30 countries. Raise an Actimel bottle to that!

Tag someone who wants to win a year’s supply of Actimel

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