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From Agents To Owners, This Brand New Website Wants To Showcase All Of Malta’s Properties Under One Roof

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Malta’s property market can be quite a scary place if you’re new to it. For such a tiny island, we sure have a healthy amount of properties up on the market at any given time, so navigating through it all – whether you’re looking to buy, sell or rent – can be a bit stressful to say the least.

And that’s where Dardingli swoops in to save the day.

Dardingli is a brand new website that gathers all of Malta’s properties under one (metaphorical) roof

So if you’re an agent working with a real estate agency or just own a property that you want to put on the market, Dardingli wants to know. The aim is to make the island’s real estate experience a lot easier for both buyers/tenants and agents/owners in Malta by gathering them into one online portal.

Agents and owners will be able to upload their listings, along with images and videos, and clients can search for exactly what they want – all in one place.

The first time an owner uploads their property, they get to use the service for free.

Uploading a property for selling and letting on Dardingli includes the chance to upload five photos to the listing and a place on the site for three months.

Dardingli allows you to make your search for the perfect place as specific as possible, even giving users the opportunity to filter for pet-friendly properties while also offering pet insurance to prospective tenants. They’ve thought about it all!

If you want more advanced options such as the ability to include unlimited photos and even videos, you can apply for Lite and Premium Sales and Rental listings options.

Professional agents and developers can also register to upload all their listings through their agency, meaning they’ll be able to reach prospective clients through the Dardingli portal in addition to their regular platforms.

There are no hidden costs, and everything is explained and broken down before you make any purchases.

Dardingli also offers a range of exclusive services for property owners that will help you through the whole process.

They can send over professional photographers and videographers to make sure your property looks the best it could look before making its online debut. They also provide a service that will help elderly owners navigate their way through the busy property market.

Dardingli wants to make it as easy for owners and agents to find the right client as it is for clients to find the right property.

If you’re one to think outside the box, you can list single rooms on Dardingli to cater towards people looking for a room share.

So if someone is visiting Malta for a short amount of time and they just need somewhere to sleep at night, you can offer the rental of a single room in your home.

You can even include the date your property will be available to secure tenants or buyers well in advance and avoid rushing to get your property inhabited at the last minute.


So if you need to get your property sold, need some new tenants, or are looking for some property yourself, you need to check out Dardingli.

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Imagine the largest network of property seekers in Malta gathered in one portal.

Sounds great, right? Plenty of buyers looking for your listings, because they know they will find the widest catalogue of properties for sale and rent here, as well as the most advanced search tool.

Our aim is to make the real estate experience a lot easier for both buyers/tenants and agents/owners, by offering an innovative property portal where agents and owners can upload their properties, and clients can search for what they want in a large centralised database.

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