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WIN: 9 Designer Sunglasses You Can Get For Just €99 In Malta Right Now

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It’s summertime my dudes, and there’s only one way to shield your peepers from that big ball of fire in the sky – sunglasses. An essential protection and the ultimate accessory to any outfit in the hot season months? Yes please.

It’s the perfect time to treat yourself for making it this far into the year that shall not be named in future history, and lucky for us, Solaris is offering some seriously stylish shades for less than €100. Nice!

Not only that, but Solaris is giving one lucky sod the chance to win a pair of their on-trend sunglasses, whether they’re these babies below or the rest of the €99 range on their website.

More on that competition later, but first, let’s have a look at some of the sexy shades on offer.

Their new website www.sunglasses.mt makes the process a whole lot easier. You can filter by frame colour, lens colour, lens type, brand, style and the list goes on and on…

You can also get your loved ones some gift vouchers. Who doesn’t need a pair of high quality shades?

There really is something for everyone, so the only question now is – which design, shape, brand, vibe, will you choose? Well, I’ve gone through the liberty of compiling nine of their countless frames and matched them up with some personality cues.

Disclaimer: Feel free to ignore my imaginative, dissective suggestions and go wild. Maybe buy them all, what do I know? I’m not your accountant or mother.

1. The classic b****

You know Becky, the classic girl, with the good hair that Beyoncé warned us about? Well, say hello to Becky with the good Ralph Lauren shades.

2. The club runner

Day or night, it doesn’t matter to this guy: these shades are always going to be on his eyes. Say hello to the club-head fan wearing Emporio Armani.

Alexa play Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit 

3. The Earth Gardener

We’re all thinking about that friend who’d wear these to a hippie festival and if you can’t think of that friend, it’s probably you. You hippie, Emporio Armani lover!

4. The cool mummy

Yeah she’s got kids and these sexy Guess shades, but you bet she’s at all the coolest events and has more energy than all of us during our first night hitting the Paceville clubs.

5. The don’t f*** with me mummy

Her kids do 25 extra-curricular activities and are obviously still top of their classes. She’s the mum that can do it all and actually does wearing her cool Ralph specs.

6. The beach babe

Basically the majority of the population. There’s a bottle of Corona permanently in their hand and these Tommy Hilfiger sunnies permanently on their face.

7. The 90s lad

Ah, the nostalgic guy who longs to be back in the 90s (and only wears Police) even though he was too young to fully enjoy it.

8. The classic b*** (male edition)

Definitely a match made in heaven with the female version of the classic b****. These Ray Bans are just perfect. 

9. The unisex master

Gender norms? Get outta here. Sometimes, all you need is a classic black Carrera item that will go down perfectly with any outfit… and fit your wardrobe whether you’re a bro or a babe.

These shades are for those money-savvy couples. €99 to share a gorgeous pair of shades? That’s like, less than €50 per person (even less if you’re sharing in a polygamous relationship).

This is just a snippet of the vast collection of Solaris sunnies. There’s truly a pair for everyone, whatever your personality and whatever the mood.

But that’s not all, because Solaris wants to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your new accessories.

For all those indecisive beings (who isn’t these days?), you’ll be glad to know that every pair of sunglasses you purchase comes with a 30-day trial in case you change your mind. All you have to do is return the product in pristine condition in its original packaging and the original VAT receipt.

Also, with your purchase you can get yourself a warranty card that covers breakages and damages. If the repair is not possible, the sunglasses will be replaced. But listen, theft, loss and ophthalmic lenses are not covered, so be careful with your sunnies.

And you know you’re extra safe with their secure payment methods.

Solaris have got your back with several ways to pay cash and electronic means included. Cha-ching!

Lastly and maybe most importantly, all Solaris shades guarantee protection from the harsh Malta sun.

All their  sunglasses offer you 100% UV protection. And if that’s not enough, they can even meet your custom needs, as you can choose the protection index most suitable for your activity, environment and sun glare. Awesome.

So how do you go about winning a pair for free?

Well, it’s super simple: all you need to do is a tag someone who you think fits in these categories… or anyone else who absolutely has to check out Solaris‘ deals.

Then, you’re automatically in with the chance of winning a pair of fresh new sunglasses to shieldy your precious eyes from Malta’s summer sun.

Tag someone who needs a new pair of sunnies!

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