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WATCH: Transform Your House Into A Home With The Help Of These Maltese Professionals

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Excited to start designing and decorating your home, but already overwhelmed with the amount of detail you have to go into? How will you create a design which is cohesive all throughout your house? 

You can come up with a Pinterest board and try to DIY yourself a house design, or you can check out Dino Fino Home. 

The helpful staff over at Dino Fino are making your design journey easy-as-pie. You can head on over to their website where you can book an online or in-person consultation with one of their experienced designers.

If you feel like you’re not ready to speak to a professional, but still want to know what’s out there, you can also request a quote or some information regarding any area of your home. If you’d rather go and have a look yourself, you can visit them at Valley Road, Birkirkara.

Dino Fino has teamed up with Cacti to produce this shiny new ad, leading us through the customer journey in a way which celebrates the playfulness of the brand, whilst giving us some sneak peaks of their swanky designs.

Join Thomas Camilleri as he ventures into the world that is Dino Fino Home. Thomas and the team are getting ready to roll out the red carpet and welcome the newest homeowners, the Vellas. This cute couple have just gotten started on their home design journey, and they’re looking for all of the help they can get.

Picking and choosing different items to curate a cohesive house design sounds impossible, but the hard part has been taken over by the staff at Dino Fino.

After booking their appointment online, the Dino Fino team kicked into gear, developing their dream home from consultation all the way to installation. The experienced team know the headaches of designing a new home, and use their expertise to make the journey as smooth and painless as possible. The Dino Fino team are really with you every step of the way, working their magic to make sure you’re as happy with your home as the Vellas are with theirs.

Create your perfect Kitchen

Kitchens need to be both functional and fashionable, which is why it is very important to identify which appliances and accessories will work best for your lifestyle. Love the look of white marble, but don’t have time to clean it? Let the team over at Dino Fino know and they will help you find a material that will give you the gorgeous look you’ve been dreaming of, without any of the down-side.

Design your dream Dining room 


Entertaining guests would not be complete without having the perfect dining room to host them in. You need a dining set which is spacious and functional whilst also being beautiful. After all, the dining table is the centrepiece of the room. No matter if you lean towards a more traditional dining table, or one which is a statement piece, you are sure to find the dining table of your dreams at Dino Fino Home. 

Liven up your Living room 


Breathe life into your living room with a statement green sofa. Or, if you would prefer a softer look, you can opt for more neutral tones, using accessory pieces to introduce character into your space. Keep an eye out for bookcases and any other unique shelving which can add subtle hints of character to your space. If you’d rather keep furniture to the minimum, you can spruce up your space with an accent wall. 

Spruce up your Outdoor space 


Decorate your outdoor area to create the perfect BBQ spot for all of your friends and family, all year round! For when it’s too hot to function, Dino Fino can provide you with stylish deckchairs which will make your days lounging by the pool a touch more fabulous. If you’re looking to impress all of your guests, the pizza oven that they have for sale cannot be missed. No matter what you want to use your space for, Dino Fino has got it all.

Once you have a clear vision of what you want your space to look like, there are loads of different high-quality brands and options which are available to you. Aran Cucine, Lago, Ciao Cucine and Rastelli Design are just a few of the brands available.

No matter what your budget is, Dino Fino has such a wide range of pieces that you are sure to find something which you absolutely love, whilst not breaking the bank in the process. 

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