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WIN: Grab One Of These 15 Free Try Dives In Malta

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Only half of what Malta has to offer in summer can be found on land.

The other half can be found underwater in the form of reefs, swim throughs, caverns and of course, the many wrecks that rest on the Mediterranean seabed.

There’s never been a better time to learn to scuba dive. You get to beat the crazy summer heat by spending three days cooling off in the sea, and what’s even better, you can use your RED government vouchers to do so.

Diving centres represented by The Professional Diving Schools Association (PDSA) are now accepting the RED government vouchers and we can’t think of a better use of them than exploring Malta from below.

Whether you’ve been living in Malta for your whole life or you moved here at the beginning of the year, you don’t know the island unless you’ve explored its seabed.

And it all starts with a diving course at one of the many PDSA diving centres that can provide you with an internationally recognised dive certification in just a matter of 3 days!

Before you know it, you’ll be exploring the HMS Maori, a WW11 warship, experiencing close encounters with colourful sea life, while floating weightlessly in Malta’s stunning blue sea.

Your certification is valid for a lifetime so you can continue on your underwater adventure anywhere in the world.

Summer is meant to be spent with your family and friends and diving is the perfect activity to facilitate just that.

The minimum age to learn to dive is just 10-years-old which means everyone from your parents to your younger sibling can get involved. It’s a super fun and safe activity, especially when you’re in the hands of the PDSA member centres.

Even if you are a certified advanced diver already, the RED government vouchers can be used for renting diving equipment too.

And speaking of free dives…

WIN: Tag a friend in the comment section of this Facebook post for a chance to win a FREE try-dive!

PDSA has teamed up with 15 of its member centres to offer 15 free first time dives to beginners across the Maltese islands. With so many hidden gems to discover, let us know in the comments whether you’d like to dive off Malta or Gozo.

And to let you know where you begin your diving adventure, these are the 15 PDSA centres who are ready to take you on your first scuba lesson for FREE:


Aquatica, Corsair Diving, Dive Systems, Dive Med, Dive Malta, Divewise, Dive On Malta, Go Dive Malta, Maltaqua, Paradise Diving, Scubatech and Seashells Diving Centre.


St. Andrews Dive Cove, Atlantis Diving Centre, and Calypso Diving Centre.

There’s a whole underwater world waiting to be explored and there’s nothing stopping you from taking the plunge.

With an offer too good to refuse, and with your RED government vouchers in hand, embarking on your scuba summer adventure has never been more enticing.

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