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Do You Have What It Takes To Become One Of Malta’s Professional Matchmakers?

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Are you the kind of person who can read others rather well? The kind of person who can always tell which gift to get your friends, or know exactly which film or meal someone is going to enjoy? For you, understanding what people want and like comes easy.

But have you ever thought about translating your awesome skills into a rewarding and fun career? Here’s your chance!

Recruiters are pretty much matchmakers without the romance: matching people with real careers based on their skills, personality and experience. They make sure that the candidate and the role are compatible to send the candidate on their way towards a rewarding and successful life and career.

When it comes to recruitment, your personality is your key strength. Someone who is friendly, understanding, informed, and committed will blossom and grow in the right environment, and KONNEKT, one of Malta’s leading recruitment agencies, is the exact place any budding recruiter will want to be.

5 Reasons You Need To Join The Konnekt Team

You Will Grow As A Person

Growing in your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses is central to the KONNEKT philosophy. You will be sent out into the world to work with multiple companies and candidates, where you’ll be able to learn from each experience, become better at what you do and be able to hold conversations across different job categories and industries. You are in charge of your own priorities, work schedule and goals.

Changing People’s Lives Will Be Your Modus Operandi

You will play an essential role at KONNEKT, connecting candidates individual skills and competencies to company’s requirements and culture. You will become vital to both organisations as well as their top talent. After your work is done, candidates can showcase their skills and take their career to the next level, all because of you.

There’s No ‘I’ In Team

Nor is there in ‘KONNEKT’. Surrounded by your teammates, you will develop and hone your skills over your career, benefiting from the investment in training and networking events that will allow you to keep abreast with industry updates and the latest recruitment methods. They are also focused on fun, often hosting team building and celebratory events throughout the year and even some crazy pranks to spice up the days.

Tech Savvy 

Forget the iPhone X – the latest technological tools will be at your fingertips, to help scout the market for the very best talent. You will be given the opportunity to develop your tech skills, and become more efficient as you work with the latest IT applications and tools available to the HR Industry. Tech is literally an extension of you.

Simply The Thrill of It

The biggest thrill is in giving good news to clients and candidates, making the right match and knowing you have contributed to a positive change in a person’s life. The pace, resilience and accuracy required to perform this job, and the united culture is what makes this job thrilling and exciting, and is exactly why someone as determined as you needs to join KONNEKT and not any other recruitment agency!

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