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WIN: Malta’s Leading Juice Bar Goes ‘Military Style’ To Ensure Its Products And Staff Are As Safe As Possible

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As people and businesses adapt to the new COVID-19 realities, leading Maltese juice bar Dr Juice is going the extra mile to ensure its products are as safe and clean as possible.

With eateries all around Malta now closed to seated customers, Dr Juice has decided to temporarily close six of its seven outlets and pool all of its resources into its Gżira store until all its staff master the new ‘military-style’ strict health and safety regimes.

“Trust is the new currency for food sales and is going to be the most important for our outlets to secure,” Dr Juice’s CEO John Winfield explained. “We feel that our swift and decisive action now can help us to save our business and our employees from difficult times to follow.”

All employees are now wearing masks and gloves while on shift, and must all follow self-sanitisation techniques, with a countdown clock to make sure no one forgets.

However, Dr Juice has gone a few steps further, introducing a buddy system to make sure its employees feel they are active participants in this mission, and are not merely following orders.

Employees on shift are paired up with each other, making everyone responsible for the proper sanitisation of their partner. By empowering all their staff with this responsibility, Dr Juice intends to shifts its workplace culture into one focused on community, whereby everyone pitches in to help and protect their colleagues.

The staff have also been split into rotating groups of five; each group will work for four consecutive days before taking eight days off, thereby limiting the number of colleagues each person is exposed to.

“We are trying to create a practical and uniting system for our employees whereby everybody pulls together and does as much as they can to help us through this difficult time,” Winfield said. “Uniting together will help save jobs, promote new positive culture in our working groups and get us ready for the challenges that follow.”

To ensure a fully contactless experience, people can no longer walk into the store and order from the counter as they used to; they must order and pay through the Dr Juice app and only walk inside to pick up their order.

Of course, delivery is even available via Bolt Food, who also have a contactless payment app along with numerous sanitisation procedures.

Yet Dr Juice’s measures in favour of public health aren’t only preventative but proactive.

Indeed, if you do opt for a delivery, Dr Juice is offering customers a free ginger shot, with all the antioxidant benefits that brings about, with their next meal. Boosting your immune system is always vital, but never more so during a pandemic.

Delivered kids meals will also come with a free plant pot and seeds so as to encourage children to observe the beauty of watching plants grow while they are at home.

And don’t forget to look out for their Food Drop Box, which has all your daily meal needs covered; An immunity booster shot, flu fighter juice, salad or wrap and a warm dish.

“I have to thank our amazing employees, the Dr Juice family, for serving our customers with such passion over the last few weeks and their dedication to prioritising our customers’ safety,” Winfield said.

“On a positive note, it’s incredible to see how people are pulling together as one to help each other in this time of crisis. Our staff remain focused on the task, but couldn’t be more proud to keep our product accessible to all our incredible customers.”

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