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€162,000,000?! Someone In Malta Could Win An Insane Nine-Figure Jackpot Just In Time For Christmas

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What do you want for Christmas? Well, my list is long and full of everything from a prosperous 2021 to a 1967 Ford Mustang… but who wouldn’t want well over a hundred million Euro instantly added to their bank account??

The EuroMillions lottery is back, and after its latest rollover, things have started to really heat up.

As it stands, a mind-blowing jackpot of €162 million is up for grabs.

One hundred. And sixty two. Million.

And the best part of it all is, someone from tiny Malta could very well take home the gigantic prize!

Yes, you too could become the island’s next multi-millionaire… and it’s as easy as logging onto the Internet.

As always, your best bet is Jackpot.com, the home of all things life-changing. 

To reserve your seat for the thrilling draw, all you need to do is first create an account with Jackpot.com (if you don’t already have one, that is). Then, just head on over to the EuroMillions page, and choose five numbers between 1-50 and 2 Lucky Stars from 1-12. When you’ve placed all of your bets, you can complete your order by clicking on the Add-to-Cart button. 

If you want to increase your chances and are feeling good about the EuroMillions, you can even subscribe to the lottery for just €19.99 for the initial subscription month.

Afterwards, the price reverts to a slashed price of €25.20. With EuroMillions draws occurring every Tuesday and Friday, you will have automatically placed bets for all 8 draws of the month. Convenient, right? 

And it’s not just all daydreaming either, with the latest Superdraw win happening just weeks ago and seeing one lucky person win over €100 million!

The Spanish anonymous winner took home €130 million, to be precise. Another win happened on the 7th of July and after only one rollover, one winner from Spain won the €144 Million jackpot. 

And hey; even if you don’t win the mega prize, there might still be something pretty big for you.

The jackpot is split up into 13 tiers and there are other jackpots to win too. In the last EuroMillions draw of Tuesday 24th November, for example, there were over two million people who took home a prize… and five of them took away more than €170,000 each! In fact, by the end of the draw, for every 1,000 tickets purchased, 70 took away a prize. Not too shabby at all.

So get in the chance to win the €162 Million jackpot and place your bets before the draw happens this Friday at 21:00 CET on Jackpot.com. Who knows, we could be telling your victory story soon.

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