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Calling All Classical Connoisseurs! Catch These Eight Orchestral Giants Live In Malta This Spring

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The InClassica International Music Festival is just months away. Over the space of three weeks, some of the most renowned and prestigious musicians will be together on stage at the Mediterranean Conference Centre.

It is being touted as one of the most highly anticipated and celebrated events of 2021 in Malta, and a large part of that is thanks to the eight incredible and illustrious orchestras that will be performing alternatively for 25 consecutive days. 

The 10th edition of InClassica is going the extra mile. From the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, the musical acts on display will truly be a magical and ephemeral moment you don’t want to miss. 

Let’s take a closer look at the ensembles that will fill the hall with classical bliss.

1. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – United Kingdom

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the UK’s most in-demand orchestras and has garnered a global reputation over its 74-year existence thanks to its uncompromising and talented ensemble. The RPO has become so popular that it commonly features in film and television soundtracks and has provided backing tracks for some of the world’s biggest pop stars.

Despite travelling the world and covering 200 concerts over a season, the RPO bases itself in Cadogan Hall in London from which it hosts a season of symphonic concerts including one at the iconic Royal Albert Hall. Its reputation as a world-renowned music troupe is unmatched, garnering reviews from some of the biggest media houses out there.

“Outstanding playing from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: I have not heard them on such form in years,” said the Arts Desk about the BBC Proms 2019.

Next year it brings its passion for performance to the MCC and to you. 

2. Liège Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Belgium

The Liège Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is one of Belgium’s most prominent orchestras. It has performed numerous concerts around the world since its conception in 1960, and its travels have led to a fine-tuning of musical sound and identity that sits somewhere between Germanic and French traditions.

“The Liège Royal can bring classical music culture to the highest level among the people,” said Highresaudio

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this Franco-Belgian orchestra’s unique sound.

3. State Philharmonic Orchestra of Rhineland-Palatinate – Germany

The State Philharmonic Orchestra of Rhineland-Palatinate is as historic as it gets when it comes to the world of classical music. With a history embedded in the trenches of World War I, the Deutsche orchestra has a long-lasting tradition of bringing the sounds of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate to an international audience. 

“It remains a mystery how the State Philharmonic repeatedly manages to prove its reputation as an orchestral precision element despite these difficult times,” said its chief conductor, Michael Francis.

Its nomadic and popular troupe welcomes guest performances and collaborations, bringing a fun and energetic vibe to its concerts and shows, so the MCC is in for a treat!

 4. Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra – Israel

From its humble beginnings as a studio ensemble in 1936 to one of the most sought after orchestras across Europe and the United States. The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra has become a formidable force over the years and has hosted some of the best classical names as it has grown to become one of Israel’s most important musical exports.

With a proven track record of numerous critically acclaimed international tours, an impressive roster of world-renowned guest soloists, and a history of premiering new works by some of the twentieth century’s most prolific composers, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra has established itself as one of the world’s leading classical ensembles and is sure to shine at InClassica.

5. Russian National Orchestra – Russia

Only founded in 1990 by pianist and conductor Mikhail Pletnev, the Russian National Orchestra was tasked with spearheading Russian art in a post-Soviet world.

Soon after, it debuted at the BBC Proms in London and jaws dropped in awe.

“They played with such captivating beauty that the audience gave an involuntary sigh of pleasure,” said the Miami Herald at the time.

Since then, the RNO has captivated audiences around the world as it frequently toured, appearing at festivals and launched the renowned 1991 recording of Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique, which has more than 80 critically-acclaimed recordings to date.

In 30 years, the RNO has managed to rise the ranks and features along some of the biggest names in classical music.

“They played with such captivating beauty that the audience gave an involuntary sigh of pleasure,” the Evening Standard wrote about their debut at the BBC Proms.

“They’re as close to perfect as one could hope for,” the Trinity Mirror said.

They are surely not to be missed at InClassica.

6. Armenian State Symphony Orchestra – Armenia

The youngest of the lot but by no means any less accomplished. The Armenian State Symphony Orchestra was founded out of a passion and devotion to classical music with its core existence in amplifying the cultural awareness of the Armenian state.

“The Armenian State Symphony Orchestra is comprised of extraordinary musicians, not just in their virtuosity and dedication to the highest level of music-making, but in their belief in music to spread messages of hope and joy, even in turbulent times,” said Rhinegold Publishing.

Over its 15 years of existence, the orchestra has built an international reputation that is reflected in stellar reviews, and in fact, was the Orchestra-In-Residence for the Malta International Music Festival in 2018.

Their return to InClassica in 2021 is highly anticipated, to say the least.

Let’s not forget about the homegrown talent too that will perform on par with the rest of these acts.

7. Malta Philharmonic Orchestra – Malta

InClassica wouldn’t be complete without the island’s very own philharmonic orchestra taking to the stage for a flurry of performances over the 25 nights.

The orchestra was founded in April 1968, way before Malta became an independent nation. At the time, it was known as the Manoel Theatre Orchestra – the successor of the defunct Malta-based British Mediterranean Fleet.

It remained the Manoel Theatre Orchestra until 1997 – the year it became independent. After a ten year stint as the National Orchestra of Malta, it took its most present title of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra in 2008.

For half a century, the MPO has been Malta’s leading musical ensemble and one enjoyed by audiences both domestically and abroad, with tours to the US, Russia, Germany, China, Austria and Italy amongst the many places the orchestra has visited internationally.

InClassica wouldn’t be complete without the MPO, a festival the orchestra has performed at for the last five years.

8. Malta Youth Orchestra – Malta

InClassica is more than just a complicated series of spectacular concerts; it’s a celebration of music and culture. As such, the organisers behind the festival have invited the Malta Youth Orchestra to perform.

The orchestra is composed of young, aspiring and talented musicians who tackle a core classical repertoire spanning several centuries and genres. They often perform alongside the MPO with the purpose of teaching and nurturing the youth to fulfil their full potential.

Despite their young age, the MYO has a dedicated group of musicians who are lightyears beyond their age and will undoubtedly put on a performance that will stun and flabbergast the crowd.

This young group of musicians are not to be missed as they return to InClassica for the second time.

In addition to the eight prestigious orchestras, InClassica will also host some of the world’s finest soloists, including Maxim Vengerov, Daniel Hope and Daniel Lozakovich. Triple Grammy Award winner, pianist Martha Argerich will also be present, as will co-leader of the London Symphony Orchestra, Maltese violinist Carmine Lauri.

With all of this taken into consideration, you can see why InClassica is one of the most highly-respected and in-demand festivals of 2021. Organised by the European Foundation for Support of Culture and The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Inclassica is a monumental concert for Malta and for the world, which has reeled from the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year and is in dire need of culture and art to uplift our spirits.

InClassica takes place between 17th April and 11th May with 25 consecutive shows on each and every day. You can be part of the show by purchasing tickets here.

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