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Maltese Bettors Can Now Create Specific Bets For Their Favourite Sports Matches With This Cool Feature

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Sports fans can now determine their own fate by curating their own specific bets for their favourite games and matches. 

Meridianbet is giving you every opportunity to win by giving you the chance to place your own bets through its Empty Bet feature. 

What that means is that you can present your own idea of a bet to Meridianbet, whether it be how many goals are scored or who scores, and the betting site will create the odds for you.

These specialised types of betting are typically reserved for the seasoned bettors out there but it’s there for anyone to have fun.

If Meridianbet finds that your offer is not on their list and abides by their rules then you have yourself a bet and your selection gets listed on Meridianbet’s site.

It’s then up to you to win it!

With this option, you can make your wildest bet dreams come true and it’s applicable across all sporting categories on Meridianbet’s site. 

The Empty Bet feature makes watching sports much more exciting and it really is up to you to decide what you think is a good bet. 

It could be basketball, football, hockey or horse racing – if you’ve got a good bet, Meridianbet has the grounds to make it happen for you!

Just make sure that your bet doesn’t already exist on the Meridianbet site and that you’ve got your bet fleshed out to the bone. 

If Meridianbet returns your bet with odds of 1.01 that means your bet isn’t formulated properly and you’ll need to do it again – but better this time!

Are you ready to get started? Let’s walk through your first Empty Bet!

Once you’ve fulfilled all the conditions of the bet, click on the Empty Bet button on Meridianbet.

A window will then open up in which you can create your bet and you’ll be prompted to enter the name of the event and the type of bet.

From there, just click submit and a ticket will appear on your screen which will then prompt you to enter your payment amount.

The bet conditions will then pop up including the odds and all you have to do is click confirm and accept.

Meridianbet will then confirm your bet. Next, it’s time to sit back and relax and see that bet play through!

The more you place Empty Bets, the more you’ll get used to it. Before you know it, you’ll be a betting guru and will have this down to a tee. You’ll never place a standard bet again.

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