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One Very Lucky Person In Malta Could Be Just A Few Clicks Away From A €77 Million Jackpot

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Did you know that one lucky person will be starting off the second half of the year by boosting their wallets by €77 million…

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, Euromillions, Europe’s biggest lottery, returns this Friday and the mammoth cash prize is literally anyone’s to reach out and grab.

The good news is that it’s extremely easy for anyone from Malta to participate.

All you need to do is open an account with theLotter.com (or access your account if you already have one) and select Euromillions from the selection of lotteries.


You will then be asked how many lines you intend to play and get to either choose or randomly select numbers for each line. Euromillions works with two sets of numbers – five main ones from a guess range of 1-50 and two Lucky Stars numbers from 1-12.

After completing your submission, theLotter will purchase official Euromillions tickets on your behalf, scanning and uploading a copy to your account and keeping the physical paper tickets in a safe.

And then all you’ve got to do is wait and hope for the best.

If you win the massive jackpot or one of 12 secondary prizes, theLotter will immediately notify you via SMS or email thanks to its automated result checking system.

Then it’s all about collecting the money and making plans on how to spend it!

Oh, and did we mention that you will receive the cash prize in full after taxes because theLotter takes no commissions?

Now, of course, not everyone can win the lottery, but it’s not as rare as it may sound either. In fact, since launching in 2002, over 6.5 million people have won prizes with theLotter, worth a combined total of over $105 million.

Some of their biggest winners include a woman from Panama who won a $30 million jackpot prize playing Florida Lotto in July 2017 and a Baghdad man who won a $6.4 million Oregon Megabucks jackpot in August 2015.

No one from Malta has won the big jackpot but that should only serve as motivation to make some history along with winning an eye-staggering prize.

So why not take the plunge? Someone’s life could become extraordinary this Friday, and with a bit of luck on your side, it could possibly be you…

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