Software Developers In Malta Have Found A Way To Make Your Life Way Easier

Time is money, and we want more of it to spend on fun stuff

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The reality:

It's 18:45 and you have about sixteen tabs open in you browser window. You can't find that file you thought you opened five hours ago, and you have no idea what's next on your to-do-list-before-you-can-join-your-friends-for-an-Aperol-Spritz. 

Okay – you've found the file. Shit you've downloaded it three times already. Double shit, you can no longer open it because your "hard disk is full". Why haven't you yet purchased that external hard drive like you said you would this morning while driving to work? 

Urgh – Facebook break! What?! Your friends have just uploaded an amazing sunset group photo and you're not in it. Right, you'll just have to finish off this bit of work and resign yourself to binge YouTube watching for the rest of the night. 

If only you were just better at life.

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The dream:

You've downloaded a new, free app called Ellp – a user-friendly tool that allows you to programme a set of handpicked rules on your chosen device and easily automate the most essential day-to-day device tasks. 

You've arrived at work and turned on your computer. Ellp has automatically opened Amazon for you. Sweet – you're reminded to buy that external hard drive you know you're going to need soon. Just in case it doesn't arrive quickly enough, Ellp has automatically freed up as much space as possible on your hard drive. 

Okay, time to get to work. You'll need to download that file – although you're sure you've already done that at some point. No worries, Ellp has erased all duplicate downloads on your device. Wow, you are getting stuff done fast today. Oh look – a friend's just tagged you in a photo on Facebook from last night's sunset Spritz. Ellp's already saved it and added it to your personal folders. 

Right, you're done. You can join your friends for the second evening in a row. Maybe just one YouTube video before you go. Ellp's way ahead of you – YouTube opens up as soon as you plug in your earphones. #winning

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This is where we get to tell you that the dream could be becoming reality. A bunch of techies based in Malta have developed an awesome new app which launches mid-October... but don't fret! The early access list to the Beta version is open today.

The software – aptly named Ellp – is set to be released on Windows first, and automates activities based on a series of triggers and actions around internet, social media, online protection, storage space, multimedia, performance and more. All users need to do is select the task they want to automate from an ever-growing list, edit according to their liking and needs, and enjoy a much tidier and smoother device experience. Its interface is super simple, so it works just as easily for computer-dummies as it does for tech-heads.

Thanks to the brainchild of Ellp CEO Gilbert Camilleri and his development team, the niggly stuff we don't even have time for has finally been addressed. Their team are collecting email addresses for people who would like early access to the Windows Beta Version released in mid-October. They also plan to have the app available for iPhone and Android next year!

We can't wait to try it and suggest you get on it too. There really is no time to waste.

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