Here's Everything That Went Down At Malta's Groundbreaking Incredible Make-up Festival

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Last Saturday, make-up lovers across the island gathered at the MCC for a full day of fabulous colours and serious discounts.

The Make-up Festival brought dozens of brands under one roof, immersing attendees into a world of make-up magic complete with a huge oversized beauty box. The huge beauty box was a key feature on the day and became quite the attraction. A vast selection of gifts, discounts and new products were on offer and here's everything that went down.

1. Thousands of people attended

Huge crowds were drawn to the space, and filtered in constantly between 10:00am and 10:00pm.

2. And there were magical deals and freebies on offer all day long

Sales of 25% off, buy one get one frees and consultations done free of charge were just some of the available offers. They gave over 50 beauty boxes away throughout the day! The boxes were full of makeup and skin care products, and handed out to random shoppers at the festival. Not to mention the magician who worked his magic on attendees, gifting them with makeup products. Wow, talk about freebie heaven!

3. Some big influencers were walking around all day

From Tamara Webb to the cast of L-Għarusa, many popular faces were seen walking around, hanging with fans and doing some of their own shopping.

4. Ira Losco and her fans had an awesome throwback moment as requested by Chucky

Who doesn't love a good 7th Wonder moment? As soon as the island's sweetheart walked in, Ira was treated to the perfect karaoke throwback.

5. Żibel up-cycled over 400 make-up containers that would have ended up in the bin

Working to keep the event as environmentally conscious as possible, the Make-up Festival teamed up with Żibel, who were there to also up-cycle a large amount of make-up items collected throughout the past month from the general public.

Throughout the day they then used them to recreate the event's logo into a cute centrepiece.

6. And one lucky contributor won a trip for two to Sicily

Everyone who handed in a make-up item was given a lotto ticket, and one lucky winner will be jetting off to Sicily ASASP. Helping the planet and a free vacation? Stunning.

7. Fully-booked masterclasses let people learn from some of the island's top artists

The best way to improve is watching the masters work... and bombarding them with questions. Offering free masterclasses to the public every hour on the hour, the Make-up Festival's attendees next year will have a whole new arsenal of tricks to try.

8. And Instagram was flooded with people's sickening looks

Events like this are the best time to get creative, and to be flooding with compliments for your bold looks.

And after the success of their first instalment we're already excited for next year's edition which is guaranteed to be bigger and better!

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