Exclusive: The McFtira Has Arrived

This is NOT a drill.

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You heard it here first. McDonald's will unveil the McFtira tomorrow. The new promotional ftajjar will be offering all the temptation of a McDonald's meal with the heavenly taste of Maltese bread.

This launch is a total game-changer. The McFtira will be Malta's first ever local McDonald's product, with the traditional ftira baked right here in Malta. McDonald's launching its own take on a local staple reflects the recent booming Maltese food scene. We've always loved it, but now there's a whole new market for daring, different and delicious.

And if all this still wasn't enough to get you excited about the launch, then you'll be happy to know that the McFtira will be available in three different variations.

This Is Too Much

1. McFtira Bacon 

Everyone loves bacon. Well sure, maybe not  everyone, but they're just the exception that proves the rule. If you've ever been asked "Do you want to add bacon to that?" you'll know it's impossible to say no. 

The McFtira Bacon saves you having to ask for your favourite added ingredient, giving you exactly what you need: A fresh crispy ftira with a beef patty, bacon and emmenthal cheese, topped with tomatoes, fresh onions, batavia lettuce and drenched in a honey & mustard sauce.

McFtira Bacon

*instant salivation*

2. McFtira Goats' Cheese

The ftira alone may not be enough to satisfy your patriotic cravings, but add in some goats' cheese and even Mikiel Anton Vassalli wouldn't be able to resist this one. This choice comes with McDonald's signature beef patty topped with goats’ cheese, tomatoes, fresh onions, batavia lettuce and mayo, all nestled comfortably in their new home - the ftira.

McFtira Goats Cheese

Aw ġbejna!

3. McFtira Chicken

Whether you love chicken, or your fitness plan requires you to ramp up your protein consumption: The McFtira Chicken is the obvious choice for you. Delicious grilled chicken, topped with  bacon, emmenthal cheese, tomatoes, fresh onions, batavia lettuce and mayo, all encased in Maltese bread goodness - I can barely type out that sentence without drooling onto my keyboard.

Mc Ftira Chicken

"Hi, yes, I'll take 20 please."

Please tell us McPatatalForn is next.

We can't wait until tomorrow's launch, and luckily we don't have to. Lovin Malta will be doing an exclusive tasting of the brand new menu items this afternoon. So follow us on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook to make sure you don't miss any delicious updates, and cheeky inside information.


UPDATE: First Taste Of The New McFtira

This afternoon we got a cheeky sneak-peek (and taste) of the three new ftajjar being sold at McDonald's, and they're all incredibly tasty. Our love for bacon may be strong, but the goats' cheese was so delicious, it's gotta be our fave! 

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