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Finally! Malta Has New Filtered Water That Actually Tastes Good

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With the debate surrounding problematic plastics and their ever-lasting effect on the planet reaching a fever pitch, Malta finally has a water filtering system that not only will help us decrease our plastic use, but also tastes great!

And guess what? It’s super healthy too! ‘ilmaa pure’ is a water purifying system that is able to keep beneficial and healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium while removing all the harmful bacteria.

The brainchild of foreign engineers based in Malta, the system was specifically made for countries where spring water is not available, like our own.

Using a series of filters and remineralisation post-filter, ilmaa pure’s water purifier creates safe drinking water with improved taste and health benefits

From teas and coffees to pastas and sauces, the remineralised water will improve the taste of food and drinks.

The advanced reverse osmosis system can also be tailor-made for anyone and every one according to the amount of water you use and the quality of your water supply. This means that ilmaa pure can supply water for anyone from family homes and 100 person offices, to hotels, bars and restaurants.

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The cutting edge technology is also cost-effective, costing 1c for every few litres, around 30 to 60 times cheaper than bottled water.

You can either buy the ilmaa pure water purifier, or it can be leased through a contract. The company will also deliver and install the products to your home, office, or any other desired location.

We have a 10% discount to give one of our readers when purchasing their ilmaa pure system

All you have to do is tag a friend in the comments below to be in with the chance of winning. Do your bit to keep you and your loved ones hydrated.

Tag a friend to remind them to drink water

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