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Finally! You Can Now Get A Maltese Law Diploma In Just 18 Months

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When it comes to fields of study, there’s a quasi-universal fact: the law is always useful to get your head around. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready (or wants to!) to dedicate five and more years to learn the ins and outs of the law.

But luckily, 21 Academy, is partnering up with industry leaders from Camilleri Preziosi Advocates, Mamo TCV Advocates and 21 Law to give you the best possible knowledge in a shorter period.

Presenting the 18-month Diploma in Law, taught by lawyers for non-lawyers.

This intensive diploma is the ultimate key for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the discipline of law, no matter the end goal. Maybe you’re looking to enter a legal career or take it to the next level. Or, perhaps you’re a curious student of life or just looking to broaden your horizons.

In just a year and a half, you’ll dive deep into the world of the Maltese legal system and the pillars on which it’s founded.

Here’s all you need to know about your upcoming adventure in law.

1. It was designed with modern students in mind.

The reality is that most people can’t give up their day jobs for a year and a half. 21 Academy’s course was designed to fit around hectic schedules, so while it is an intensive course, it’s taught in a part-time fashion, in three-hour stretches only twice a week.

So whether you’re working a high-flying nine to five or are at a crossroads in your studies, you don’t need to shift your priorities around too much, just make sure to come with passion and dedication.

2. It’s flexible

If you’re looking for a holistic understanding of the law, the full course touches on 16 different areas of the Maltese legal system. But, if you’re just interested in certain areas, you can also opt to dedicate your time to those.

Students that successfully pass each module receive an individual certificate each time. How’s that for immediate satisfaction? From tax, legal research and interpretation, constitutional law, laws of European Union law, gaming, banking and finance, IT and competition law, you’re really spoilt for choice here.

3. Requirements are accessible.

The requirements to get into the diploma are similar to those you’d need to get into University.

You must have two A-level subjects at Grade C or better and three intermediate-level subjects at Grade C or above. One of these subjects must be Maltese or English. You can also get in with three A levels at the same grades.

Alternatively, if you’re 23 or over, you can be accepted after an interview with the Head of Academy.

4. It’s refundable.

This intensive diploma will cost you €5,250 in total, but don’t worry about pinching your pennies just yet. With the Get Qualified Scheme, you can get up to 70% refunded – awesome!

And, if you can’t pay upfront, 21 Academy also accepts payments in instalments.

This is your chance to take the plunge into law and get qualified.

Maybe you’ve always been interested in law, but another career was calling you. 21 Academy’s course ticks the boxes for the 21st-century student: it’s flexible, detailed, affordable and accessible.

You’ll be taught by lawyers working at the top of their fields, who’ll share their expertise and experience to guide you each step of the way.

After passing the varied assignments over 18 months, you’ll leave with a fresh and qualified understanding of the world of law, ready to take you on your next adventure.

Students of the course typically go on to become paralegals, court assistants, regulatory advisers, legal executives, and work in compliance roles. However, in reality, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t leave your dream of studying law on the back burner, contact 21 Academy now to see how you can benefit from this fantastic course.

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