First Taste: The New Cisk Pilsner

A new legend is brewing.

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That’s right everyone, Cisk has launched a new brew - and it’s a Pilsner! Lovin Malta got to try an exclusive tasting of the new beer (the first people outside the actual brewers to try it), and right off the bat we can report that it's superb!

New Cisk Pilsner

The first question on most people’s mind is probably going to be: “Well, how does it compare to the Cisk I grew up with?” The short answer is: we think it has a more refined taste.

Cisk Pilsner is set to be one of Farsons' premium brews. It'll be the kind of beer you enjoy like you would a nice steak, rather than chugging it just to get the job done. It's perfect to pour into a long glass after a hard day at the office, kick back and enjoy the great taste of your new favourite beer. It also pairs well with rich and juicy burgers, shellfish and white fish, or a nice, creamy dessert.

Cisk Pilsner first taste

Lovin Malta gets a first taste of the new Cisk Pilsner

Cisk Pilsner is pale in colour, with a moderately malty body, high carbonation and a great, subtle bitterness to it. It uses the traditional Saaz hop, but has a slightly higher alcohol content of 5.5%, which adds character to the beer's texture. The release of this new brew comes with a new line of branded Cisk Pilsner glasses, which are great at displaying the colour and carbonation in this beer.

The Farsons Brewery

The Farsons Brewery

Well, I guess most of you are now asking “What exactly is a Pilsner?” Pilsner is brewed in the same way a lager is, however a specific grain and hop are used, which are indigenous to the Bohemian region of modern day Czech Republic. The characteristics which make it distinct from a lager include having a paler colour, light grainy smell, and high carbonation.

So get excited everyone, the first Maltese Pilsner, and a great new addition to the Cisk family has landed!