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Get Calorie-Counted Meals Delivered To Your Door To Stay Lean While You’re Stuck At Home In Malta

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The safest way to prevent the spread of coronavirus is to stay at home but doing so doesn’t necessarily get rid of all bad things. One of society’s biggest problems is in your kitchen and it’s something you’ve been stocking up on for weeks… food.

Overindulging during this pandemic is a real issue and with everyone’s mind preoccupied with taking care of their families, we’ve found the perfect solution for you.

FoodPlan will deliver delicate, fresh, calorie counted meals to your door so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re keeping your body in tip-top shape.


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FoodPlan has curated several delicious diet plans based on specific consumer needs, whether it be convenience or health, that you can choose from and have delivered to you for both lunch and dinner.

But this isn’t just some packed lunch.

With health experts and an award-winning chef at the helm, FoodPlan makes sure that their meals are prepped to perfection, with the best ingredients and varied on a week-by-week basis to keep you motivated and sharp. 

From herbed roast salmon fillet to curry beef meatloaf and Tom Yam Guy Thai chicken soup to a hearty stew.


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The dishes might change but one thing is always guaranteed, they’re bloody delicious.

And they have a meal for everyone too; whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or are on a specific, strict diet like Keto (coming soon).

From aubergine and tofu red curry rice to baked polenta cake with creamy mushrooms, amongst much, much more.


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The advantages of signing up for a tailored dietary plan are endless and the more you think about it, the more it makes sense for you, both during a pandemic and after.

By eliminating the burden of cooking, you’re eliminating one less stress in your life. You’ll also be saving the environment thanks to a thoroughly prepped meal using pre-measured ingredients and recyclable materials. 

Don’t fancy the items on the menu this week? Don’t worry. FoodPlan gives the option to skip a week or cancel at your convenience. It truly is the most flexible food option out there and to add to that, they can even deliver to your home three times a week in advance.


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A healthy life comes from healthy food and healthy food comes from healthy ingredients.

The emphasis on calculating calories couldn’t come at a more crucial time, when we’re stuck indoors with only home workouts to keep us in shape. By eliminating the stress of shopping, cooking and cleaning, you’ll be dedicating more time to what’s really important, your health.

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