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Forget Panettone: This Year’s Hot Christmas Cake Is In A Tin

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Christmas is upon us, bringing with it holiday foods aplenty. But let’s be real here; Panettone is literally the worst thing on the face of the Earth. Well, there’s hope for this year’s festive month, and it comes in the form of a Christmas cake in a tin!

Last week, we asked you to guess what was in Mannarinu’s colourful tin, and the response was resounding. The guesses varied from pastizzi to mince pies, and while those are both amazing things to find in a tin, it was actually Mannarinu’s Christmas cake tins. 

And as promised, we’ve got a special prize for one lucky person who correctly guessed what was in the tin. Congratulations Elena Malliayou win five Christmas cake tins!

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Mannarinu have been coming up with delicious food for the past 67 years, and their latest Kejk tal-Milied and Torta tal-Lewż in a tin were made to honour their most traditional recipes. 

It’s going to be very difficult to bite into that fruit cake the first time you cut it in half just because of how beautiful it looks. After the first bite full of nuts, cranberries and currants, though, the only tough thing is holding off from opening up another tin.

If you’re dying to get your hands on one of these babies, click here!

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If you’re not a big fan of fruit extravaganza, then Mannarinu have got you covered. Nut lovers rejoice; the Torta tal-Lewż is here and it looks divine.

This delicious almond pie is pastry heaven, and that sugar coating really makes it look like it’s being delivered straight from a winter wonderland.

Mannarinu’s Torta tal-Lewż also comes in that signature tin, which isn’t just great for shelf-life, but also makes for an adorable gift.

If you’re looking to buy one this Christmas (for yourself, your loved ones, or yours truly), just click here.

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While you’re at it, if you need some inspiration for your next party (not to mention inspiration for the tin guessing game), check out Mannarinu’s online collection of party menus up on offer on their website.

From healthy options to your classic delicious extravaganza, they really have got something for everyone.

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Tag someone who’d love to try out Mannarinu’s Christmas cakes!

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