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From Business To Leisure, This Qawra Seaside Complex Will Tick All Your Boxes

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So, you’ve managed to rope your parents into looking after the kids for the weekend and the weather’s finally cooling off enough for people to venture outdoors when the sun is up.

What does one do with their freedom? 

Where can you enjoy a day by the pool with a guarantee that no little brats will be running around?

At the Luzzu Complex, of course. We wrote about this place a while back, highlighting the fact that their lido is Malta’s only enforced adult-only pool area. So you know that while the kids are safely in Nanna’s care you can kick back and soak up some sun while sipping on your cocktail of choice in sweet, sweet, silence.

Whether you’re a Cosmopolitan Queen, a Pina Colada Prince or a Long Island Lover, Luzzu’s lido is where you need to be if relaxation in the sun is what you seek.

With poolside service, an ice-cream kiosk just inside the centre and the soothing sounds of summer, your sunny days are in safe hands. Plus, the lido is one of the higher placed pools in the area so you’ll be able to snap some awesome views of the Ghallis Rocks and their surrounding waters.

So what about the kids, Nannu and Nanna?

They can always join you in Luzzu’s family restaurant for a lovely weekend lunch.

Luzzu recently refurbished the entire interior of the restaurant – including the children’s play area which is now full air-conditioned.

You’d be crazy not to bring the family here for a day out by the seaside and not stop by Luzzu, your kids can run rampant in the ball pits while you and your folks catch up on all the goings-on of your lives.

And what of the food, you ask? Take a look at some of what’s on offer at Luzzu’s fresh new family restaurant.

Whether Pa wants a juicy steak or Ma fancies a soft-in-the-middle salmon with a crispy, pan-fried skin, this place has got your back. The kids menu even offers healthier alternatives to what you’d usually expect from a list of Sunday-lunch children’s choices.

So, how does a conference centre fit into all of this?

Wedding season in Malta never ends. Whether you’ve got a hen/stag do to plan, a reception to cater or are just in the market for a minimalist venue to host your next business event, the Luzzu conference centre has everything you could ask for and more

With enough hotels in the area to fit your guests into, the Luzzu conference centre is the perfect place to host your reception. The minimalism of the interior leaves an open slate for your imagination to work with and the events team will become your best friends by helping bring your vision to life.

They also cater for team-building events, conferences, exhibitions, you name it. If you need to gather a crowd of people into one easy to find Mecca, then this place ticks the box.


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Start-ups and conventions alike should be flocking to this venue purely for the convenience of everything attached to the complex. It does what it does and it does it well.  

Your clients and attendees will be more than glad to know that while travelling on business they can make use of a sprog-free zone that has some amazing views of the Med and also has some divine food just through the door. Satisfy your hopeful networking contenders and give them a real, grown-up experience that Malta really could do with more of.

Tag your adult friends in the comments below and start planning a weekend at the Luzzu Complex now!

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