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Game Changers Wanted To Take This Maltese Company To The Next Level

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Have you ever felt that your full potential has not been reached? That you’re wasting your energy and creativity in a place where you’re not appreciated? If you’re looking for a career change, and you’ve got the drive and passion to see things in a brand new way, then Yellow has the job for you.

1. Are you a game changer?

Yellow is hunting for brand new sales specialists to take them to the next level. The type of person who can see the big picture, call-out things that aren’t working, and fix them. They’re not looking for people who’ll think outside the box, they want you to take the box out back and burn it.

2. How do you want to do this?

They want people who are flexible, young-at-heart and most importantly innovative. They want you to come in with your creative spirit burning to try things in a new way. If you’ve ever worked a job that forced you to work conventionally and rejected new ideas then Yellow is going to be a welcome breath of fresh air.

3. Closers

If you’ve ever worked in sales before then you know that rush when a sale goes through. Be it through intelligence, confidence, or just plain charm, at the end of the day, you’ve got to be a closer. Think you can handle it?

4. Perks of the job

A high stakes job like this has got to have some cool extras to help you keep going. Free mobile data, an allowance for fuel, games room in the office. Are we forgetting anything? Oh yeah. The company car.

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5. They’ve got your back, always

Even if you don’t think you’ve got all the skillset yet, that’s no reason to not apply. Yellow will give you on the job training to hone you into a weapon of mass production. And in the event of some major tragedy, an extensive life insurance policy just in case.

6. Not just a job

If you go for this, this could be your career. We’re talking promotions, long-term investment and most importantly, stability. You could get in on the ground floor and who knows, maybe own the place in a few years

7. Money, money, money

Listen, perks are great and all but at the end of the day we’re all at work for one thing. Rest assured, if you’re good at this job your wallet is going to be very very happy

8. Sign-up here

If you think you’ve got what it takes sign up here for more information. 

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