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WATCH: MSPCA Volunteer Talks About The Hard Work That Goes Into Rehabilitating A Dog

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Whether its cats, dogs or even rats, Malta has its fair share of animal lovers. 

Yet, a number of them still end up on the streets where they’re eventually picked up and handed over to animal sanctuaries such as MSPCA who do their very best to rehabilitate and find them a new home.

With the help of GasanZammit Motors, Lovin Malta caught up with Karolina from the MSPCA to have a chat about the work that goes into rehabilitating an abandoned pet to the point that they are ready for a new forever home.

Safe and secure in the new Honda Jazz, Chris picked up Karolina in Ta’ Xbiex and the two got chatting about MPSCA’s work.

The streets can be a dangerous place for our pets and it isn’t uncommon to hear about accidents involving a dog or cat crossing the road, especially in Malta.

We don’t want that to happen with Karolina onboard that’s why we went with the Honda Jazz, because it has no blind spots, meaning it significantly reduces the chance of having an accident, making it safe for the animals and pedestrians on the road and the driver too.

While Chris and Karolina were safe and secure, the same cannot be said about the dogs that end up on the doorstep of the MSPCA.

Karolina recounts the tragic story of Taz, a two-year-old black chihuahua who was used as bait for dog fights but has since improved and developed a strong bond with MSPCA volunteers.

Like Taz, the Honda Jazz has made some improvements over the years and has opted for a hybrid engine to help protect the environment… and save you some money in the process too. 

One thing we learned from our ride with Karolina is that there are no bad dogs, just neglectful owners who end up raising anxious dogs with little faith in humanity.

Thankfully there are ways to regain a dog’s trust through the power of music.

Research shows that classical music calms dogs the most and the Honda Jazz has a super easy user interface that connects to your phone seamlessly which means that finding a classical tune while you drive has never been easier.

And you’re not going to have a problem with connecting, no matter what phone you have, because the Honda Jazz has Apple CarPlay with Android connectivity…now that’s smooth sailing.

There’s a reason why we call them man’s best friend because, no matter what they go through, they still show us unconditional love.

They’re also the perfect therapy to help us deal with physical and mental conditions which is why MSPCA always advocates the use of animal therapy to help people going through tough times.

Nothing beats having a pup by your side to help you get through whatever it is you’re going through.

An afternoon chat with the MSPCA couldn’t end without a visit to the sanctuary itself where a special guest was waiting…

We’re talking about Block, one of the many rescues at MSPCA!

Oh, and Tiffany Pisani, of course, Malta’s top model turned DJ who told us about what she does at MSPCA. 

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Pisani has been volunteering at MSPCA to take care of those dogs and cats who were left out on the street maybe due to financial or health reasons…

… just like Block.

However, Block wasn’t interested in what we had to say but took a liking to the car we came in and even hopped into the backseat to check out his new ride.

Thankfully, the Honda Jazz is the perfect car for your pets with a set of magic seats that fold up to create some extra space so they can fit in nice and comfortably. 

It also saves you the hassle of having to clean your car seats after you’re done with your dog day out and need to return it to a presentable state for other guests too. 

It really is the perfect all-round car not just for your pets, but for you too. From being environmentally conscious to spacious and easygoing, the Honda Jazz is definitely a vehicle you should have your eyes on.

And if you don’t, then consider helping out MSPCA with all its great work.

In addition to its Rehoming Centre, the MSPCA also provides pet care and advice and there are many ways to support them including volunteering and by donating, which you can do by following this link here.

Let’s show the people and pets of MSPCA some love!

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