Get An Amazing Back To School Discount On Your New MacBook At Malta's iCentre

Laptop goals!

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Reach deep into your pockets - school is soon starting again, meaning you'll be buying all the stationary, and all the bags and all the new tech to make your life that much easier (and your bank account wail). Thankfully, iCentre is here to make your return to school little less gruelling on your wallet.

The Regina George of the student-laptop world, MacBooks are every student's lifeline. If you purchase your MacBook from iCentre between the 5th of August and the 27th of October, you will get a 12% discount!

Let's just put that into perspective for you: you'll be saving up to €400 - about five months’ worth of stipend money! Apart from all that, you will also be getting a free laptop sleeve and a goodie bag full of vouchers and freebies.

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Whether you're a teacher or a student above the age of 16, you're eligible to benefit from iCentre's amazing MacBook discount - just be sure to present a valid student or teacher card or an acceptance letter for the academic year 2018.

If you are a student, all you need to do is present a valid student card or an acceptance letter for the academic year 2018, or even just an eSIMS screenshot showing your name and course details. If you are teacher, you need to take a teachers card or an official letter from your institution, but a screenshot from the university website showing your designation will also suffice. Whatever it is, you can't forget to take your ID card.

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Chiara Micallef