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Get Cosy And Order In: Here’s Nine Christmas Day Deliveries You Need To Know About

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Hands down one of the best things about Christmas has to be the glorious, scrumptious food that suddenly appears, begging to be gobbled down ASAP.

The thing is though, so many of these festive specialities come and go in the blink of an eye, often only being offered for a week or two, specifically during the holiday season.

Now, it would be an injustice for all that good food to go to waste, so we’ve teamed up with Wolt to find nine of the most delicious Christmas specials on their app this holiday season.

It’s time to officially up the Christmas vibes in your cosy home with these nine incredible bites.

1. Manouche

One of the best bakery’s in Malta whipping up gingerbread men, mince pies and small Christmas cakes? Yes please…

2. The Hamper Co.

Looking for the perfect vegan hamper? Or maybe you want a beautiful selection of top quality chocolates. Look no further – the Hamper Co’s selection is sure to hit all the right spots, no matter what you are into.

3. Ta’ Marija

There’s a reason this award-winning restaurant is so beloved; eating at Ta’ Marija is like eating at your nannas, especially if your nanna is a legitimately supremely talented chef that can cook like her garden roses depended on it.

4. Delizie Siciliana

The only thing better than a panettone is a delicious fresh Sicilian panettone with an extra serving of pistachio cream on the side.

5. U Bistrot 

Definitely one of the more proper restaurants on the island, with a talented kitchen team to boot, you definitely do not want to miss out on their Mama’s Spice Christmas dessert, rolled out just for the holiday season.

6. Elia Cafe

Their mouthwatering cakes are already enough, but the team over at Elia are rolling out some amazing traditional treats, including Qagħqa tal-Qastanija and Qassatella Marmorata – don’t miss out!

7. Molecular Fusion

You’ve probably been impressed by these guys at an event over the years, and with good reason – they always know how to have fun. They’ve created a special Gingerbread Martini that they are calling “Christmas in a sip” – sign me up, please.

8. Shakes and Bakes

The San Gwann eatery has made a name for itself over the last couple of years with its creative takes on classic favourites. For Christmas, they’ve done just that again, offering up the Xmas Turkey Burger for anyone who wants to taste the entirety of Christmas in one beautiful bite.

9. Becky’s Kitchen

And if the burger just isn’t enough for you, double up with a Xmas Burger (also turkey) with all the trimmings followed by a decadent portion of Xmas pancakes (red velvet with white chocolate spread, of course).

Between the unique treats, delicious burgers and sheer selection when it comes to desserts, there’s no way you’ll be going hungry from home this year. You can order all of the above via the Wolt app, which you can download to your smartphone.

Just choose whatever looks best to you (and don’t skip out on the extras, it’s the holidays!) order away and sit back in your warmest pyjamas as your meal is delivered right to your door – how can Christmas get any better than this?

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