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Learn Your Way! Ace Exams And Explore New Courses With This Online Maltese Institute

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It’s never easy being a star student – but this unpredictable era has made the task particularly tough. If you feel the need for some extra support in your academic journey but prefer to avoid traditional, physical private lessons, an excitingly new online institute will change the way you feel about learning.

Say hello to GoldFortress Institute – your key to acing education. 

The GoldFortress Institute is Malta’s first-ever educational hub specially designed for live online learning. So you can forget about traffic during your commute, indecision over what to wear or ever running late for class. These are not your ordinary hum-drum zoom lessons, these teachers are super seasoned, qualified, warranted and exceptionally passionate about what they do.

Their video-integrated classes are designed to give you the best quality lessons that can be followed anywhere, and refollow at any time.

Currently, the hub is full steam ahead for resits this October, with classes in English, Maltese, maths, computing, physics, and biology.

But GoldFortress Institute is not all about exams – they also offer tailor-made courses to up your skill-game, with levels ranging from O-level, Intermediate and A-level, as well as a few adult courses too.

Don’t see a subject you want on offer? You can still go ahead and contact GoldFortress Institute for a subject that isn’t on their timetable – they’ll go out of their way to match expert teachers for one-to-one lessons. Now that’s real dedication!

How do the lessons work?

In order to give as much individual attention as possible, each class has no more than ten students per online session. This means you’ll be able to ask your teacher questions, learn from your peers but not get lost amid a sea of countless other students.

Additionally, every session, including all notes, are uploaded to their online platform, giving you the ultimate freedom and flexibility to revisit lessons whenever is necessary, after normal school hours.

But if you’re keen on more private, one-to-one sessions, their teachers can accommodate that too.

These are private lessons for the 21st century: no commuting required, competitive prices, and the comfort of accessing lessons from anywhere.

Barriers to education are at an all-time high, with COVID-19 worsening access to quality schooling. GoldFortress Institute team’s main mission is to help students adapt and thrive in a world gone online.

In honour of this, they’ve even teamed up with Puttinu Cares to help students in the way they can.

Many illnesses like cancer can be huge obstacles for students who want to carry on with their studies. It could mean countless appointments or simply being too tired to follow a whole session. These golden teachers are therefore allowing these student to join for free, so that they could take advantage of the prerecorded lessons and join in or continue the lesson whenever they want.

How do I sign up?

Good question – you can simply enrol online on their website here. Their sleek website will provide you with all the information you need – from the timetable of online sessions to pricing, the teachers you’ll meet, and so on. They’re also happy to take any questions you may have by phone or email.

Education is truly priceless.

A good education is a riskless investment. GoldFortress Institute can be the extra helping hand you need to up your skills and get you one step closer to your dream degree and career. So take the plunge and enrol today – your teachers are eagerly waiting.

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